50 Pint Dehumidifier Reviews

A few years ago we tested and reviewed six different 50 pint dehumidifiers and this past year we tested two more. Out of the eight 50 pint dehumidifiers we’ve reviewed thus far, two stand out as clearly being the best options in the category – the Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 and the Keystone KSTAD50B. The Frigidaire is recommended as the more well built and therefore more durable option while the Keystone is recommended as a more budget friendly alternative. Both dehumidifiers come equipped with all of the same features and functionality as their top rated 70 pint counterparts – the FFAD7033R1 and the KSTAD70B. They are also exactly the same size with the exact same dimensions as their 70 pint counterparts. The only differences are that the 50 pint units are slightly lighter, slightly less expensive, draw less power, and of course remove only 50 pints of moisture per day.

Best Rated 50 Pint Dehumidifiers – 2020 Overall Rankings

#1 Frigidaire FFAD5033R1
#2 Keystone KSTAD50B

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We discuss the major differences between these two dehumidifiers and the pros and cons of each at length in each unit’s respective review. As we noted in the introduction, the Frigidaire is the better dehumidifier primarily because of its superior build quality. The Keystone is a good alternative if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option.

The Rest of the Rankings (Dehumidifiers That Are No Longer Available)

Three of the other six 50 pint dehumidifiers we tested are units with built-in pumps which we rank separately below. The remaining three are either no longer readily for sale or are soon to be no longer for sale. The previously top rated Danby DDR50A2GP was a top performer in most of our real world performance tests. However, this unit is no longer in production and can only be bought online at exorbitant prices. The ArcticAire ADR50A2G also performed well in our hands on tests but it is also no longer for sale by major retailers. The Frigidaire FAD504DWD was previously very well rated in the category but it has now been replaced by the top rated FFAD5033R1. You can still buy the FAD504DWD for a good price online, but our suggestion is that you go with the newer better built and better designed FFAD5033R1.

Best Rated Built-In Pump 50 Pint Dehumidifiers

Among the three 50 pint built-in pump units we tested, not one unit stood out as the clear choice should you be looking to purchase a built-in pump medium capacity dehumidifier. The Friedrich D50BP did well in all of our real world performance tests, receiving either average or above average marks in all four tests. It was the most quiet among the three and it also had the fastest moisture removal rate. On the negative side it has received an above average number of less than stellar consumer reviews, indicating that there should be legitimate concern regarding the unit’s reliability and longevity should you be thinking about purchasing this particular model.

On the flip side, the SPT SD-52PE doesn’t have the negative reputation of the Friedrich, but we observed it to be more cheaply made and not nearly as well built as the Friedrich, indicating that this unit as well might be problematic as far as reliability is concerned.

Finally we have the Delonghi DD50PE. It doesn’t have the negative track record of the Friedrich, neither is it cheaply made like the SPT. However, it is much more expensive than both the Friedrich and the SPT, normally retailing for over (approx.) $300. It was slightly more energy efficient than both the Friedrich and the SPT but it would take years before this discrepancy in energy usage (and your slightly lower power bill) would make up for the discrepancy in price between the Delonghi and less expensive options.

We suggest you read the review for each unit and decide which one fits your requirements the best. Choosing a built-in pump dehumidifier is difficult and we apologize if we don’t make that decision easier for you. The truth is that not one of these units can be called the best built-in pump 50 pint dehumidifier. Each has its own set of weaknesses and strengths and not one of these units stand out as being the best overall. We’ve ranked each unit below in order of an aggregate score obtained from adding its score out of 5 in each respective review category. This is the same as the composite score you’ll find in our comparison charts.

#1 Friedrich D50BP (47)
#2 Delonghi DD50PE (43)
#3 SPT SD-52PE (40)



2014 Buyer’s Guide (No longer applicable)

We’ve included our 2014 buyer’s guide below for your reference. Note that model recommendations below are no longer applicable.

We tested six different 50 pint dehumidifiers to determine which unit is the best 50 pint dehumidifier currently on the market. To make this determination we compared and contrasted features, functionality, and each unit’s performance in four real world performance tests that we conducted ourselves in a real world simulated test environment. After completing our testing and comparing features we were met with a similar outcome to what occurred when we compared all of the most popular large capacity 70 pint dehumidifiers on the market – that not one dehumidifier stood out as the quintessential and definitive choice, blemish free and without fault. Instead, we found that each unit had its own pros and cons, and that while some units were clearly better overall than others, not one unit was perfect and completely without its own set of faults and/or shortcomings.

Below we break down our findings and discuss which 50 pint dehumidifiers we found to be the best overall, which are good alternatives, and finally, which 50 pint dehumidifier is the best option should you be looking for a medium capacity unit that comes equipped with a built-in pump.

Most Recommend 50 Pint Dehumidifiers For 2014

As was true for the 70 pint dehumidifiers we tested, our own analysis led us to find not one but two different dehumidifiers that stood out as being the best buying options in this particular size class. Consider these two units to be ranked as #1a and #1b.

#1a is the Danby Premiere DDR50A2GP and #1b is the Frigidaire FAD504DWD. Both units are highly recommended and performed admirably in most of our real world tests. Both units also come equipped with a wealth of helpful features that will make solving your humidity problem easier than you might expect. While we cover our thoughts on why each unit is a great buying option in much greater detail in each unit’s respective review, what we will mention here is that while the Frigidaire was the more portable and adjustable unit between the two, the Danby outperformed the Frigidaire in every single one of our real world performance tests.

Why then would you even consider purchasing the Frigidaire instead of the Danby? In one word – reputation. The Frigidaire has over 800 consumer reviews with the vast majority of them being positive. The Danby, on the other hand, has had only 2 reviews written for it even though they are both 5 star reviews.

When purchasing an appliance such as a dehumidifier we can’t emphasize enough how important a particular unit’s track record is with consumers. Consumer feedback really is one of if not the most important factor you should take into consideration when deciding on which dehumidifier to purchase. As we discuss in our Frigidaire review, the FAD504DWD is not only the highest rated 50 pint dehumidifier but it is the best reviewed dehumidifier of all of the units (30, 50 and 70 pint) we tested. While we give the edge to the Danby over the Frigidaire because of our own observations, analysis, and testing, we still feel like the Frigidaire is a great choice especially if price is a top priority for you. The Frigidaire retails for about $195 while the Danby normally sells for slightly more than $200, mostly hovering around a street price of about $210.

Our suggestion is that you read both our Danby and Frigidaire review and then decide for yourself which unit fits your needs the best.

50 Pint Alternatives For 2014

We only recommend one other 50 pint unit as a possible buying option should you be looking for a unit that doesn’t include a built-in pump (built-in pump units cost more but are more versatile should you require such functionality). The ArcticAire ADR50A2G has many of the same features and functionality as the top rated Danby unit we discussed in the previous section. In fact, both units are manufactured by the same company, Danby. Both units share the same control panel (hence why they share the same features) and thus we rate both equally as far as adjustability, versatility, and extra features are concerned.

Where they differ is in their performance in our real world tests. The Danby was the top performer among all six 50 pint units we tested and thus it also outperformed the ArcticAire in all four of our real world performance tests. The ADR50A2G had a more inaccurate built-in hygrometer and was measured to produce more noise in all but one (and that one test being the least indicative of a real world environment) of four different noise output tests. We note here that the ArcticAire is also slightly more expensive (by about $5-$10). The bottom line is that the Danby was clearly the better all around performer and we recommend it over the ArcticAire. However, the ArcticAire is not a bad purchase. It will still perform admirably and should be just as durable as the Danby. Should you find yourself convinced that you want to buy the ArcticAire unit over the Danby or the Frigidaire (based on other reviews or for whatever reason), we say go for it. It’s still a good quality dehumidifier.


  1. Rhea Sauve says

    Thank you for taking this question. The model de-humidifier that we have is FAD504dwd…..serial number KN12718102 and we have misplaced the instruction manual and unable to remember how to set the dial for the humidity level.

    Is it possible that you can send via mail or by email instructions on how to set the humidity level. If so thank you in advance, if not any suggestions where we could get this info.

    • Admin says

      There should be up and down arrows near the center of the control panel. Press these arrows to set the desired humidity level.

  2. Dwight Adams says

    I purchased a NOMA 50 pint dehumifier 14 months ago and now notice water leaking from underneath the unit (when the bucket reservoir is only partially full). I have inspected the unit and can’t locate source of the leak.
    I contacted Noma toll free assistance and was in no uncertain terms was told “too bad” that the 12 month warranty had expired. She (Karrief?) suggested I go to the place of purchase and inquire about an extended warranty package. I doubt any business will permit extended warranties to be purchased after the factory warranty has expired. When I asked to speak to the call takers supervisor, the call was disconnected.
    I would not recommend NOMA dehumidifiers and I will avoid any NOMA products in the future

    • Admin says

      Unfortunately, we only test and review units available for sale in the United States. Noma dehumidifiers appear to be exclusively sold in Canada.

    • David Brisebois says

      I bought a 50 pint Noma 2 years ago, after like nine months of fair usage (not over-humid basement, maintained at 18 celsius), one evening I heard cracking noise. Went down to find out the unit literally froze which caused fluid leakage. Called Noma, been authorized to return the unit, I decided to switch with the 70 pint model with pump. Again after less than 6 months the unit couldn’t work anymore ! Returned it again, had to fight to get a refund… For me Noma is blacklisted !

  3. Tom says

    Considering purchasing a Hisense 50 pint for Lowes. Your thoughts?
    I had a Frigidaire 50 pint that lasted 16 years, but Lowes does not stock this. Comparison?

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