35 Pint Dehumidifier Reviews

Since 2014 we’ve tested eight different medium capacity dehumidifiers. During that time we’ve learned the following:

Compared to high capacity (50 pint) units, medium capacity (35 pint) units…

1. are usually the same size – often exactly the same length, width, and height. This means that 35 pint units have exactly the same bucket size (for collecting condensate) as their 50 pint counterparts

2. almost always have exactly the same control panel – and with that exactly the same functionality.

3. almost always have exactly the same drainage options – if the 50 pint version drains through the back so does the 35 pint version. If the 50 pint version requires an adapter for drainage, so does the 35 pint version.

4. are slightly lighter – 35 pint units remove a full 15 pints/day of moisture less than 50 pint units and so require less robust internal components (e.g. a smaller compressor). This accounts for a slight reduction in weight.

The bottom line is that a 35 pint dehumidifier is all but the equivalent of its 50 pint counterpart. The only real tangible difference between them is that one removes 35 pints of moisture per day while the other removes 50 pints per day.

This means that our 35 pint dehumidifier recommendations almost always mirror our 50 pint recommendations.

The best 50 pint dehumidifier we’ve tested is the Frigidaire FFAD5033W1. Unsurprisingly, we consider the 35 pint equivalent – the FFAD3533W1 to be the best 35 pint dehumidifier currently on the market.

We recommend the 50 pint hOmeLabs HME020031N as a more budget friendly alternative to the FFAD5033W1. We recommend the 35 pint HME020006N as the more budget friendly alternative to the FFAD3533W1. A full list follows below:

Best Rated 35 Pint Dehumidifiers – 2021 Overall Rankings

#1 Frigidaire FFAD3533W1
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#2 hOmeLabs HME020006N
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#3 Black+Decker BDT30WTB
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Note: the Black+Decker is a 30 pint unit compared to the 35 pint Frigidaire and 35 pint hOmeLabs. However, we still consider it a “medium capacity” dehumidifier and believe it to be the third best such option on the market today.


  1. Victor Schick says

    Basement is 1,000 sq. ft. Would a 35pt work? The temperature down there is currently 62 degrees. Have tried the recommended 50pt Frigidaire but the fins froze up on high or low blower speed so took back the next day. It appears those rated for 41 degrees won’t work, so what would you recommend? Thinking about trying a HOmeLabs 50pt, but maybe the 35 pt would be better. Looks like air flow is from the side, not thru the top. Would that work better? Also this has an auto defrost cycle. Would be draining thru a hose and don’t need a pump unit. My old Kenmore lasted 20 years and didn’t have all these new features, but it did the job, although probably was an energy pig …. but at least it didn’t freeze up.

  2. Patrick says

    I live in a 600sq ft apartment, in a humid climate. Would you recommend a 35 or 50 pint unit to control humidity in the entire apartment. I would like for it to reduce humidity in the bedroom closet as well, but the dehumidifier will be in the living room about 30 ft away. Thank you :)

  3. dave says

    on Frigidaire 22 pint, 35 pint and 50 pint de-humifiers are fan noise levels different at hi, med, low speeds??

      • Nathan says

        I ordered a 22 pint, and they sent me a 35 pint instead. In trying to decide if I should keep it or have it replaced, I wanted to know the noise comparison, but…the 35 pint model isn’t actually in your guide.

  4. Veronica says

    We live in a temperate climate. Our home is just under 1000 sq ft. with single panned windows requiring a dehumidifier in the winter months. Would you recommend Frigidaire’s 22 or 35 pint dehumidifier? Thanks.


    I live in and 1850 square foot condo…what dehumidifier would work best in this size condo…35 pint or 50 pint?

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