Dehumidifier Recall 2016

On November 2, 2016 Midea, one of the largest dehumidifier manufacturers in the world, issued a recall of more than 4 million dehumidifiers – about 3.4 million sold in the United States and another 850,000 sold in Canada. The recall is for dehumidifiers manufactured between January 2003 and December 2013. The recall is as extensive as it is for two reasons. First, because it affects dehumidifiers manufactured over such a long period of time (over 10 years). And second, because Midea is perhaps the largest manufacturer of dehumidifiers in the world. Midea manufacturers dehumidifiers for more than 50 different brands worldwide including highly popular brands in the United States such as Frigidaire, Danby, and GE.

Note: This page was written before the new DOE standards of 2019.

The recall was issued after more than $4 million of property damage and more than 30 incidents of smoke and fire were reported as a direct result of dehumidifier malfunction. It appears as though the malfunctioning involved dehumidifiers overheating, smoking and catching fire. Note that those dehumidifiers recalled are not necessarily absolutely prone to overheating and catching fire. However, the possibility does exist that they can. Hence, why the recall was issued.

To check whether your particular model dehumidifier was recalled go to this page and input the Brand, Model, and Serial Number of your dehumidifier in the form at the bottom of the page. Note that if you bought a dehumidifier from a brand that isn’t listed in the Brand dropdown list or if you bought a particular model that isn’t listed in the corresponding Model dropdown list then your particular dehumidifier is NOT affected by this recall. An example is the top rated Frigidaire FFAD7033R1. The brand “Frigidaire” is listed in the Brand dropdown list but the model “FFAD7033R1 is not. This means that the FFAD7033R1 was NOT involved in the recall.

It is also possible that you bought a particular brand and model dehumidifier that is part of the recall but that the specific unit you bought is not part of the recall. For example, you may have bought a Frigidaire FAD704DWD, a brand and model that was part of the recall. However, it’s possible that the serial number on your unit will not return a positive match in the database referenced above – this means that your unit was not affected by the recall and that it should be 100% safe to use.

Remember, only dehumidifiers manufactured between January 2003 and December 2013 are affected by the recall. In the above scenario, if you bought your Frigidaire FAD704DWD after December 2013, it’s likely that when you input your unit’s serial number in the database that it will not return a positive match as a unit that is part of the recall.

How This Recall Impacts Our Reviews

We’ve tested and reviewed about 50 dehumidifiers as of the date of this recall (November 2016). Of those 50, we’ve reviewed only two units that may have been impacted (depending on whether a specific unit’s serial number corresponds to a recalled unit listed in the database referenced above)– the Frigidaire FAD704DWD and the Frigidaire FAD504DWD. Both units were replaced by newer models, the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 and FFAD5033R1, in 2015. All currently top rated Frigidaire dehumidifiers – the FFAD7033R1, FFAD5033R1, and FFAD3033R1 – are NOT affected by this recall and therefore our dehumidifier rankings have not changed.


  1. As we noted above, the FAD704DWD and the FAD504DWD were the only dehumidifiers that we reviewed that were involved in this recall. If you find a review for another dehumidifier on this site, rest assured that it was not involved in this recall.
  2. Many units we reviewed are similar to models that were recalled but are not the specific models that were recalled. For example, the Keystone KSTAD70B was a dehumidifier we reviewed but it wasn’t recalled. The KSTAD70A, however, was involved in the recall. Similarly, the SPT SD-72PE was a unit we reviewed and it wasn’t recalled. The SPT SD-70E was, however, recalled. Again, if a particular dehumidifier is reviewed on this site and it isn’t either the FAD704DWD or the FAD504DWD it was not involved in the recall.


Consumer Feedback

Has a dehumidifier you’ve bought been affected by this recall? If so, let us know the brand and model and what you’re doing about it. Did you call the 1-800 number given by the manufacturer for assistance in getting either a refund or replacement unit? How did that correspondence go? What is the final outcome of your recall claim? Were you issued a replacement unit or a refund? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Roger E Negley says

    What happens now? I entered my info and pictures of a recalled unit but haven’t heard anything back. No confirmation.

  2. Tom says

    My dehumidifier Model FFAD7033R10 produced an error code of F0. Can this be exchanged for a new model at no cost?

  3. Barbara Monaco says

    I would like to know if there was a recall on a Danby Dehumidifier model DDR201/ Serial number is 10102002100120. If there is should I throw it out it is an old unit, or where should I return it?

  4. Anonymous says

    i have a frigidare model ffad5033r10 and it displays “fo”
    im trying to reach the manufacture but to no avail

    • WAYNE COPLEY says

      I have a frigidaire ModelFFAD5033R10 and it give a constant “FO” Fault Code. I am unable to obtain a Service Center to call. The computer answering your service number referenced in the User’s Manual directs me to call Dallas, TX center at 888-845-8226. The message upon answering is “. . .thank you for calling Frigidaire. You have reached a number that is no longer in service. Thank you.” And the line is then dead.
      Please provide me with a valid number to call.

      Thank you, Wayne Copley

  5. Gordon t says

    I had a fad704dwd that was recalled.replaced it with a fad704dwd afew years ago. Last week It seemed noisy and when I looked at it there was very hot air blowing from it and the whole base was very warm. This has never happened before. It has never been warm to the touch. This is exactly why I noticed on the other one and found out about the recall. The serial numberis kn51301705 and it is not on the list. It should be. I called frigidaire and got the run around. I was told it is not on the list and it is normal to blow hot air. This has never done this before. After I noticed it I hauled it outside in case it started on fire.two hours later after cooling I put it in the garage. I will probably hold on to it till it is recalled so I can get something for it because I do non know what else to do.

  6. Mike Lee says

    I have a Danby dehumidifier Model DDR45A3GDB that has developed a small burn mark on the left side close to the top. This model isn’t listed in any recall I can find but I suspect it has a potential fire issue. Any comment on what I should do?

  7. Mary says

    Is the Haier dehumidifier model# DE65EM-M on recall list? Also is either the Goldstar model DH 40 or the Whirlpool a Gold model # AD50USR1 recalled? We have tried to find a dependable dehumidifier for our basement with no success. Are their any dependable/reliable models out there, with discounts. Previous year models, perhaps? Spending too much time and money on this issue.

  8. RIC KATZ says

    I like to know if my dehumidifier SOLEUS AIR MODEL # GL-DEH-70EIP-6
    date code 03/13, S/N #10042090560 is on the recall list

  9. Jeff Reynolds says

    I just discovered my Dehumidifier is displaying the humidity is 30% in the room. Yet, I have it set at 60%, but the compressor continues to run, AND the blower motor is not running. The blower motor must run, not only to lower the humidity, but to cool the coils. I unplugged it, and plugged it back in and the blower started running. The air coming off the coils is super hot for a few minutes as if it is a high BTU heating unit. My unit is an affected model, but manufactured after the recall period. It is a Frigidaire FAD704DWD12 manufactured 08/16. Needless to say I unplugged it. I have a well made Kenmore model from the late 90′s that still runs great. It even has copper coils.

    • Jason says

      I had this exact same issue with the FAD704DWD. In the past few days, the unit continues to blow but occasionally makes weird noises. The display reads 30% humidity but the compressor doesn’t run. The air coming out of the unit is VERY hot. I ran a quick Google search and came across this recall. I’m surprised Frigidaire did NOT contact me directly (even though I registered the unit with them in May 2014). I’ve since registered the faulty unit via you link above, and sent in my contact information and pictures of the unit (including a picture with the cord cut). Scary to think this might have caused a fire.

      I’ve used this unit spring through fall since 2014 and never had any issues with it (although it froze up once last year).

  10. GARY BROYLES says

    I have a GE model ADEL70LRL1, serial #GA093962, manufacture date 04/13.
    I also have a SoleusSir model GL-DEH-70F-2L3, date code 04/13.

    It looks as though the SoleusAir one is on recall list, but not sure about GE. Could you please let me know and what to do for replacement or refund?

    Thank you

  11. roland terry says

    we bought a “frigidaire” FAD704DWD advertised as open box in new condition jan. 2019. after 3 mo. of use coil started icing up,water condensing and leaking out where the casters attatched. first tried contacting seller,no reply as yet. still within the one year warranty so i called electrolux. before calling looked the thing over thoroughly for serial number, theres NOT one on it, no data plate, date of mfg.,no third party listing. it doesnt even have Frigidaire on it, though it looks like one. with no serial# i cant even talk to electrolux about warranty. i’m stuck with this unless we can contact the seller or the online venue can help further. i’ve never had a problem such as this.

  12. amy says

    I have a dehumidifier that was not on recall list however the plug just fried itself along with my outlet. Breaker did go so luckily no fire. Should this model then be on the recall list? Are any dehumidifiers then safe? I of course cannot find the receipt so I am sure I will not get anything from manufacturer but my main concern is other should be made aware Soleus air model HMT-D70E-A SN 0153670106001600371

  13. john says

    I have DDR70A2GP Danby 70 Pint Portable Energy Star Low Temp Dehumidifier. I bought in April 2015. Is this part of the recall? Thanks.

  14. Nancy says

    The ID tag on my Frigidaire dehumidifier says it is “Remanufactured”. Model no. is FAD301NWDR. It has a very long serial no: R300NY07162015000196

    Is this on the recall list?

    I have an almost identical Frigidaire dehumidifier that does not say remanufactured. It has a much shorter serial number. I ran that through your list and it is not affected, whew.

    I was so happy to find your news article, after a local home had a fire caused by a dehumidifier. I sent in in the registration cards for my dehumidifiers when I purchased them and have never been notified of a problem. I hope they do follow up with those who are registered. Thank you very much!

  15. Bobbie Bacher says

    I have an old Emerson Dehumidifier Serial EE 519377
    model DJ42ee
    40 pint
    I cant find any inof on this model
    Is it ir has it been on the recall list?
    Thank you.

  16. DEBRA BRITT says

    I bought my dehumidifier in August 2016, on October 16, 2018 my home burned to the ground. I received a recall notice about 2 weeks after the fire.Even though the fire marshall determined that the fire started in the room where the dehumidifier was (and that was the only thing electrical and I got a recall, it couldn’t be determined that it WAS the cause of the fire.
    I wonder if there will be a class action lawsuit on these or if there is a law firm that will take my case on a contingency basis. I have the remains of the unit in the box that was returned to me.

    • Anonymous says

      Debra, I have seen several law firms on the internet who have boldly stated that they have and continue to represent clients who experienced deaths, injuries, or property loss due to this recall. You’re welcome to email me if you still are having difficulty finding a law firm.

      • Andy says

        Could you provide me the names of any law firms stating that they either represent clients against Gree, or have prior or pending litigation against Gree? I had multiple recalled Gree dehumidifiers that were initially registered in early February 2019, with their return kits promptly sent back about 2 weeks later (around Feb. 20). All were registered, confirmed as part of the recall, internally processed (according to the Stericycle vendor handling the recall for Gree), AND each was approved for reimbursement. As of this writing (6/15/19), no payment has been made. Weekly calls to their customer service result in confirmation that units I’ve submitted all qualified, their apologies about the delay in payment, and ZERO knowledge or information why checks from Gree are simply not being cut and mailed. Per Gree stated procedure, reimbursement should be received 2-6 weeks from the time the return kits are received. Even at 8 weeks, I should have received reimbursement by end of April. At this point it is clearly two months even past my more liberal 8 week process period of time. When I directly questioned Gree customer service personnel, they confirmed that Gree has simply ceased mailing any reimbursement checks from early this year. They do not know why, and they assume all checks should be going out soon. This is what I was told in April, in May, and now in mid June. I welcome your reply.

  17. Tom says

    I just heard about a recall from our local paper after a terrible fire. We have a Frigidaire
    Model ADEL70LRL2
    Serial # FG041544

    Is this unit subject to recall.

    • Andy says

      Tom, I have been closely following this recall and am pretty familier with those dehumidifier models affected. Good news for you; no GE dehumidifiers that begin with “ADEL” have been determined to be part of the recall.

  18. Linda Lamb says

    I submitted my refund request for my FAD504DUD. My registration email received said that my unit qualified for $132.32 refund. But my check I received today was only for $96.13. WHY???

  19. T. Wiegand says

    We have a Frigidaire Model FAD301NWD6 Serial #KN54710654 that has only been used about 6 months. We were lucky this thing did not burn our house down. The website for the recall states that this model is not on the recall, however, this model # is not even listed so that we could find out if it indeed is a unit that is recalled. Will be calling the company ASAP

  20. Cuong Phung says

    I need to buy a drain kit (drain hose and adapter) for my replacement Frigidaire dehumidifier FFAD5000T1. They are not included with the box. Where can I buy it? Thanks!

  21. JANET H. says

    THANK YOU for this site!!! Was searching to see why my dehumidifer no longer collects water and saw the recall information. Submitted request for $132.32 refund today.

  22. Dehumidifier says

    In June 2014 purchased a Frigidaire FAD504DWD unit. Four years later the compressor stopped coming on (no water generated).

    At the recall website found it was subject to recall and completed the process for a replacement.

    Received the FFAD7000T1 / FFAD7000T10 within 10 days of submitting the information at the recall site.

    The unit was build in April 2017 and looks identical to the Ivation 30/50/70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier.

    The build materials are cheaper than the original and the continuous hose drainage adapter needs to be installed (found in bucket), but overall it is a decent replacement. The relative humidity accuracy is better and the scale more granular than the old unit. The fan does not run for very long after the compressor turns off — on old unit it might run for 10-15 minutes afterwards.

    Longevity, of course, is unknown. But this does appear to be an Ivation retail unit with a Frigidaire model number — not just a junk unit “for recall users only”.

  23. Anonymous says

    My Frigidaire FAD504DWD was recalled and replacement is on the way. I called 1-800-600-3055 to get the model number so I could download the PDF manual ahead of time and read any reviews for hints and such. The customer service rep said there is no model number because the replacement unit was specially made for the recall. O.k. Hence, she says, there is no PDF manual to download and nothing to study.

    I will update if I learn anything new.

  24. JACK BETZ says

    I have a model FAD704DWD / SN # KN 32901257
    There is a plastic case next to the compressor approx. 8″ x 3″ x 2 1/2″ deep with a solid yellow material that is leaking oil.
    What is it & what does it do for my dehumidifier

  25. Casey Yost says

    In my state it costs $50 to get rid of a dehumidifier. Why are they not compensating for this?

      • Anonymous says

        I hope you cut the power cord off of it before putting it on the curb. Why would you want someone else to “salvage” and try to utilize the recalled or otherwise substandard/potentially quite dangerous unit?

  26. Debbie Gronlund says

    I have a danby dehumidifier model number DDR6012R serial number 0412020701071 that is on recall, I have emailed you with pictures and the picture of the cord cut that it says to do, also there is a place to click for $115.00 or replacement, I clicked replacement I have received no answer from your company

    • Anonymous says

      I received a Frigidaire Model FAD7000T10 as a replacement and it works great. I definitely think it’s better to get a replacement than a partial cash refund. The replacement was sent to me within a week of me registering my old dehumidifier on the recall website ( I also called Midea to confirm what type of replacement was being sent out and they were very professional and courteous. I am very pleased with the prompt service Midea provided.

  27. Lee D. Radford says

    After reading all the negative recall feedback on the replacement dehumidifiers how might i return my replacement unit and get the money refund. just received mine and just by looking at it , in my opinion it is nowhere close to the one recalled.

    • Theresa R says

      We just got the replacement yesterday and I have to agree- the quality is NO WHERE near that of the original. When I saw the photo of what was going to be sent- I thought ok, so a slighly different design. I opened the box and Im fearful the first time I pull the resevoir to empty it either the handle or the tank will crack wide open. Flimsy plastic and junk as far as I am concerned. No handle to move it with. Try moving 41lbs at ad dead weight with those shallow side handles. UGH

    • Theresa Ryan says

      I have just realized as well- this cheap replacement unit does NOT have the removable filter like my original one did. I get that the Govt forced the hand to either offer a slight refund or a replacement but these are not near the quality of the 300 I paid for the original one. Some trade off..

  28. Jed R. says

    I have a recalled FAD504DWD. Once I fill out the paperwork, does Frigidaire require us to package the unit and send it back? Just curious if I have to buy shipping materials and lug it to the shipping store.

    • Anonymous says

      No they don’t, I filed my claim on 11/30/17 with the required info along with the pictures and my replacement unit is being delivered today.

  29. Tom says

    Purchased, in March 2011, model FAD504DUD (50pt). Had been working fine for 6 years except the continuous draining starting filling the bucket. I checked and cleaned everything and after an online search discovered there was a design flaw and a kit was available (free of charge)which provided a stopper which would divert the water to the hose. I called and they wanted me to pay for it ($12 plus shipping). I searched some more and discovered the recall for overheating, smoke and fire. Mine was effected and after less than a week the replacement (FFAD5000T10) was at my door. Its the same capacity and about the same db level. Has a fan turbo speed setting and is EnergyStar rated.

  30. Anonymous says

    Just call 1-866-646-4332 with your reference number from the recall, and they will take care of it. they did it fast actually, i had to follow up few times only but everything is fine now

  31. Anonymous says

    I have a frigidaire dehumidifier model # FFAD5033R10. I cleaned it today because of a bad smell. I had to turn it on its side to clean out the side water discharge. When I finished and turned it back on I get a code message L1. Will not come on or run. Whats up? Some help is appreciated.

    • Admin says

      You have to be very careful with turning a dehumidifier on its side. In fact, you really shouldn’t do it at all. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer to troubleshoot the L1 error code.

  32. Anonymous says

    I was the owner of one of the units in question” I got rid of it as requested. I called the 800 # and was asked what I wanted. I asked for a new unit.Nine months later i am still waiting for the unit or a call why i did not receive one. maybe the company does not work with senior citizens?? Charles W. Darnell

    • Theresa R says

      Got mine in less than a week- Did you send the photos of the SN and Model tag on the back? Did you mark the unit with the date and cut the cord and send the photos ot those. Whne you submitted the claim they should have emailed you with a confirmation code telling you that they would review your claim. Takes up to 10 weeks but mine was a couple days and I got an email stating they were sending the unit and it arrived Yesterday. If you did not get a confirmation- call or submit it again with the photos and information they require.

  33. DJ says

    I have a Frig. model FAD704DWD serial no. KN42401127 . 6 /14 date on it. It does not collect any water and you cannot turn the unit off at all. Something is still running when turned off and the only way to shut it down is to unplug the unit from the power. I know this is a fire hazard as it will heat up. I fill they should do something about this serial number under their recall list as it is evidently something is wrong with this unit also.

  34. CB says

    Just received my new unit, approx 7 days after uploading pictures. It’s a bit differnet and nothing on the web about this model, still i’m happy that it was replaced.

    • Anne says

      I just received my replacement, too, after only 10 days. Am very happy with it. I use the drainage hose so the smaller bucket doesn’t bother me. The unit is much quieter than my old Frigidaire 504 model. I’m glad to have the replacement unit rather than a lesser refund

    • Theresa R says

      I found out these were made by Electrolux for Frigidaire- they are made only as the replacement model. Not for sale. Not as good quality as what I originally had I must say.

      • Theresa says

        Anybody get the FFAD5000T10 model as a replacement and figured out what the TIMER is for? The manuals they sent with these things are less than stellar

  35. Stephanie says

    Hi, I got the replacement dehumidfier but it is really noisy. I’ve been trying to contact Midea that sent the recall notice out but no emails work. I’m not sure if they are who I contact or if it should be Frigidaire? Not happy with the replacement!

    • Tom says

      Noisey? The compressor and fan are the only things that would make noise. Try switching off the Turbo Fan setting. If its the compressor then stop using it!

  36. Karen Sorensen says

    Hi I just submitted a request for the recall. reference #867010958. Will we be getting a kit or a new dehumidifier. I see lots or different questions and answers about this recall.

  37. John P. says

    Received the recall replacement dehumidifier model FFAD5000T10. Set it up but the unit has a loud rattling noise which sounds like the fan is making contact with something inside the housing. Now I need to contact Midea or Frigidaire to have another one shipped to me.

  38. Jacklyn krampitz says

    I seem to have one of the recall units. I bought it at a family business called Foucault. The model number is FAD504DWD. PURCHASED 6/2/2015. Do I return it to them for a new one. I was never informed on this recall. My neighbor told me about it today
    Please advise as I am still running it and I have not heard of this problem before. Should I not be using this dehumidifier?

    • db says

      Yes, unplug the unit and get serial & model number off the back and go to the recall site; to determine if it is in the recall. We had two both recalled (70 pint ones). I had not heard of the recall even though one of the serial numbers was on file with Frigidaire FAD704dwd. Blasted them for it. What drew my attention to it; had shut off the unit as it can blow hot air in the basement and it can be stifling when you work in the office. As I was sitting there, this units, motor started itself up. The ac was still plugged in but the unit display was still off. If not for the acrid smell I’m pretty sure it would have resulted in a fire.

      I also noted that consumer reports listed the FAD704s in may of 2017 as a “best buy” which seemed odd to me. It could be a different serial number range but still odd.

      I have since received one replacement a Frigidaire FFAD7000T10 but it is not on the recalled models and as others have noted very little information on it. It has the drain device inside the water bucket, and there is a Styrofoam piece in the floater that also needs to be removed. The unit has an energy star rating. One of the drawbacks that I am not to excited about is the operations panel sits on the top which is on the flat service. Of course, if you have a cat that likes to sit on flat services this product is going to be a problem.

      Have not tried it yet until I find out more information on the unit itself.

  39. Marjorie says

    My Frigidaire Dehumidifier has been recalled. I read most of the comments as other people are trying to learn about their “REPLACEMENT” model. According to one person who left a comment: He was told that the NEW Replacement has a smaller bucket BECAUSE there are NOW Controls to PREVENT OVER HEATING (and the Controls are taking up space). Which 2017 “regular” Models for purchase have Controls to prevent Over Heating? Thank You!!

  40. LR says

    I completed the online form, including all information and required pictures, on May 15, 2017 requesting my refund. To date no refund check received. And yes, I had to spend another $300 for a new unit!!.

  41. Steve G says

    I had the same experience with cutting the cord on one of the recall units. And they sent me the Frigidaire FFAD7000T1. The manufactures date is April 2017. So it is a new unit. Chatted with Frigidaire chat person. They could not pull up information on that unit. I was told it is a 70 qt. unit. They said I would have to call Midea at 800-600-3055 to get specs on the FFAD7000T1 unit I received. Midea is the company that handled the recall. I just received it and I have not plugged it in yet. At least I received a 70 qt. unit and the unit that I cut the cord on was a 70 qt. unit. Luckily I do have a floor drain that I have used to drain the condensate to previously. So I will not see how good or bad the bucket works. I will agree with one person that the bucket is hard to take out. And moistening the plastic tube to install it on that 90 degree elbow is a very good idea, if you are planning on rigging up the unit to drain out the hose connection.

    I pray that this is just a VERY brand new model and has yet to show info on the web yet. It does seem suspicious that the manual mentions to look at page 11 for the warranty. And there is no page 11. What would be page 11 is the first page of the Spanish section of the manual. Ahhh. Corporate America trying to save a buck on product recall. Only in Americal!!

    • Steve G says

      Also, they had the replacement dehumidifier delivered to my door in less than 7 days from the time I submitted my claim and uploaded the pictures.

    • Douglas says

      Steve I question whether the FFAD7000T1 is indeed a 70 pint unit? The water bucket looks the same if not SMALLER than my 50 pint unit! Have you confirmed this at all?

      • Pp says

        The capacity of a dehumidifier unit is based upon its ability to extract a given amount of moisture from the air over a specified time frame. Capacity has nothing at all to do with the size of the bucket

    • Barb Moore says

      Thanks for the information! I didn’t receive a drain hose with the replacemenet unit, and the hose size that I think would work is unlike anything I can find at the big box stores. Like you, I tried calling Frigidere first and learned they had no such model number. ARGHHH! Your info sped me along to the next 2 calls, but I’m temporarily (hoping) stuck. Also thanks for the heads up about the warranty on the replacement – I’ll ask about that too when I get connected to someone that deals with these issues.

    • db says

      I just ended a phone conversation with Frigidaire customer service. the manual they have (that can be emailed) does have a Page 11. They, at least this person, was not aware that the care & use manual shipped by the Recall mfg’er did not have a page 11 for warranty

      The other part they did not know was whether the Styrofoam piece that is inside the plastic flapper should or should not be left in. It appeared to me to be packing material to prevent shipment damage but they did not have a diagram of the water bucket and what it looks like when it is shipped.

      I have removed the packing material but the rep indicated they will have someone follow up on this issue.

  42. JK says

    I went to the recall website and input my information and it said my dehumidifier was part of the recall. So I followed the instructions and received the Electrolux (Fridgidare Badge) 50 pt. unit FFAD5000T1 a few days ago. I have run it and it works. Seems smaller than my original unit. Is it apples to apples? I don’t know. Hopefully the shelf life is better than a few years?

    • jeri says

      I received a replacement unit for my Frigidaire dehumidifier in 2 days, even though they told me 8 weeks. Wow. That was quick. But the bucket is half the size of my other unit. Why are these buckets so small? I have to empty it every 4 hours.

  43. Angela West says

    I just bought a dehumidifier today off Facebook and I was checking to find out why it is blowing out hot air and I seen a recall on it my model number is FAD704DWD

    • Admin says

      You will need to check your particular unit’s serial number to know for sure whether it’s part of the recall. It is normal for a dehumidifier to exhaust hot air.

    • Ron Worgull says

      I bought a perfect aire thru ACE where I work it quailified for the defect recall they sent out a new unit however it is much smaller and I end up emtying the bucket three times a day vs one time with my 70 pint unit whats up with this I think I got the short end of the deal

  44. Jeff V says

    I received my replacement unit(model FFAD3000T10, SN#KN70903630) My old unti had the ability to took up a hose to the unit for continuous draining. The replacement unit needs a special adapter to hook up a hose as shown in the manual. I have searched the internet for the adapter but can not find it. HELP!

    • Anonymous says

      on my replacement ffad5000t1, I found the the parts to connect a hose, they were in the drain bucket. Unfortunatly the manual for hooking them up had the pages blank explaning how to do it.

    • Jim F says

      The adapter should be packaged inside plastic bubble wrap, and placed in the bottom of the condensate container. The instructions tell you to look there for it. There are also two screws included that are easy to overlook, for attaching the adapter to the back of the unit.

    • JAFE says

      Check inside the Water bucket where the float switch compartment is on the left sif=de. You should find the adapter in there. There should be two small screws included in the package to hold the adapter to the back of the machine. They were missing in my machine, but I had screws that worked.

    • Anonymous says

      My adapter was included. It was wrapped in bubble wrap inside the water bucket. Hope you find yours there!

    • karen says

      You guys are awesome. Searched on the Internet for an hour looking for the answer to this question. In the drain bucket, who knew? Sure glad I finally ran across this site. THANK YOU!

  45. Crazy Cathy says

    Can you please advise if Model #FAD704DWD12, Serial #KN54714420 is part of the recall please?

    • Admin says

      Plugging in this information into the form we referenced above shows that your particular model was not affected by the recall.

  46. Donna says

    I received my replacement model AD5000T10 unit. We set it up and it works fine except in the instruction booklet it says to clean the filter every 2 weeks. The problem is the unit has no filter. The diagram in the booklet shows a filter being removed from the top of the unit. There is no such thing on my unit even though there is a filter button with a light on it. After using it a few weeks now the filter light is blinking indicating I need to clean the filter, but the filter does not exist. It even says in the booklet not to run the unit without a filter. I called Frigidaire and they have no solution because the model number is not listed with them. Anyone else have this problem?

  47. Eli Reeve says

    I have a SPT Model SD-72PE that was manufactured November 2013 that is overheating like in the recall but I don’t see it on the list. I have only used it for one season in Minnesota after buying it and it doesn’t condense. I only hear the fan and it gets very hot. No water in the bucket either.

      • Eli Reeve says

        They should include the SPT model SD-72PE in the recall. It was made in November of 2013. A dehumidifier should last more than one season. Now it’s out of warranty. Glad I unplugged it before it could burn my house down!! Will not buy another SPT dehumidifier!

    • Ann says

      I am having the same problem. The dehumidifier runs for a couple hours, no moisture removed and then an EC code. The truly annoying thing is that I bought an extended warranty that I can’t find or can I remember where I bought it from, but it should certainly last for more than a year when you use it for only 6 months a year.

    • Admin says

      If your model isn’t on the recall list or its serial number doesn’t return a positive match using the form at the page referenced above then it has not been recalled and you are therefore not eligible for a refund.

  48. Jeffrey Grill says

    I received my replacement for model #fad301nud but the new one has half the capacity of the old one why is that?

  49. Ed Marcinko says

    The dehumidifier worked fine till a week ago when my wife smelled wire burning. She unplugged it till I got home and plugged it in and smelled wire burning while it was running.

  50. LJ Bruce says

    Our Kenmore dehumidifier burst into flames today. We discovered the recall just doing some googling now! The model and serial number check out as one of the units recalled. Who do we report this to?

    • Admin says

      See the page referenced in the third paragraph above. After filling out the online form you will receive instructions about how to go about receiving either a replacement unit or a refund check.

  51. Amanda S says

    Hi I am just wondering does LG PURICARE UD701KOG3 has a recall? Thanks your answers will be very much appreciated.

  52. Anonymous says

    Hi I am just wondering does LG UD701KOG3 has a recall? Thanks your answers will be very much appreciated.

  53. Jim K says

    I purchased two 70 pint Frigidaires, a FAD704DWD and a FAD704DUD, both included in the recall. I ‘deactivated’ both units and turned in the info and photos for replacements. I just received my first replacement, a FFAD7000T1/T10 unit. Instructions recommend a 24 hour period of continuous operation. After 22+ hours operating in 60% humidity the unit has not removed one drop of water even though the fan runs continuously. Obviously the compressor is not operating. Based on other input from this site it appears that these replacement units may be marginal if not total junk. What do you recommend I do? The 800-600-3055 phone number doesn’t appear to be supported.

    • Admin says

      We recommend that you try the recall 800 number again within the days and hours specified. If the number still doesn’t work for you we recommend that you contact Frigidaire at the 800 number listed in the footer of the page at

    • Cindy says

      I just received my replacement yesterday for the recalled Frigidaire dehumidifier. It is FFAD7000T1. I have been running it as directed continuously for first 24 hrs. It is filling the bucket but the humidity setting and readout won’t change when I push the up & down arrows. It stays around 46 but no selection.I called the # listed and they are sending a repairman next week. What kind of appliance is this that needs repair right out of the box? I paid over $200 for the one that was recalled and it wasn’t very old and ran fine. Now after waiting 2 months for replacement, I’m waiting again. I wish they had just refunded my full purchase price and I could have gotten a reliable, safe appliance!

      • Anonymous says

        you have to remove it from CONTINUOSLY to be able to set the humidity level you wish,then it will restart as needed

      • JAFE says

        The problem is that you have activated the “CONT” Pad option (For continuous dehumidifying). Press the button again so that the indicator light above the button goes out. The + / – (Up/Down) humidity pads should then work. I experienced the same problem and thought the new unit was defective. I discovered the fix by trying the button. There is nothing mentioned in the documentation.

      • chuck says

        You may not be able to set the humidity in continuous mode. Try turning continuous off and using the up/down buttons. If like the old model it will normally show actual humidity but will show set humidity when the button is being pushed.

    • Jim K says

      For those of you who are unhappy with your replacement units, I did make contact through the 800-600-3055 number and they were very accommodating. I was given the option of returning the bad unit for replacement or both units (the second unit did function) for a partial cash reimbursement. Due to the fact that these 7000T1 units are ‘questionable’, I chose the refund for both. The only hassle was having to repackage and then deliver to UPS. They paid the shipping. The person I dealt with at the 3055 number was extremely helpful, making a bad experience not bad at all.

  54. Mary McD says

    I have just purchased a frigidaire FAD504 in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I am trying to verify whether or not it is a unit that was recalled. It is a little confusing as the label on the back of the unit says the model is the FAD504DWD,with the serial #61000736. However the wiring diagram label behind the water bucket says the model is the FAD504DUDM (I believe the M for Mexico). There was also a small separate label with a bar code and SN:2401146130162250200736. I am not sure which are the correct Model & Serial numbers to use. I have tried entering model 504DWD and 504DUD which both appear in the drop down list and tried both of the serial numbers. The message after clicking on verify serial # in both cases is “This is not an affected serial number. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ENTRY.” Does this mean it’s o.k. or is it not recognizing the numbers. Unfortunately, there is no date of manufacture anywhere on the dehumidifier so I am concerned that it could be an older model and in fact one that was recalled. Could you please help me out as we leave Mexico for the summer, put our dehumidifier on a timer switch and only have someone checking our condo weekly. We need to be sure this model we bought is not a fire hazard. Thank you in advance for your help.

      • Mary McD says

        Thank you for your reply. The manufacturer would be Frigidaire correct? Do you have the phone number that I need to call? Thanks again.

        • Mary McD says

          Sorry for the silly question of manufacturer, not awake yet. Obviously, Frigidaire is the brand, so please disregard my previous email. The answer I really need is do I just call the 800 number on the recall website or would there be a different # being that the unit was purchased in Mexico and not the U.S. or Canada? Thanks again.

  55. Katrin Buschhausen says

    On the 18th of May I called the 800 number and was advised that my make and model (Danby Model DDR2504, Serial no. 0405040701855) was on the recall list.
    Now when I go to enter my model number on the recall list it is not listed.
    I was told to apply for a refund, but I am unsure just how I am supposed to do this now. Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • Admin says

      We recommend that you call the 800 number again to confirm that your particular unit was recalled. As you mentioned, according to the recall website your particular model doesn’t appear to have been recalled.

  56. Joseph Zukowski says

    I believe that I have a FAD704DWD. The unit has started to make an unusual noise while running, and when I’ve looked at it, the “squirrel cage” is not turning. The unit at that time can not be turned off with the on/off switch, and can only be turned off by pulling the plug out of the wall. I have called “the number” but cannot find a serial number anywhere on the unit, to determine if this unit is on recall. I certainly will not run it in this condition. Any ideas about where the serial number might be hiding? Believe me I’ve looked ever where. The only sticker of any kind is the electrical drawing diagram.

    • Admin says

      Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you any more than the manufacturer can. If you cannot find the serial number in the location specified by the manufacturer then the only reasonable explanation is that the plate or sticker with the serial number on it was removed from the unit before you bought it. In any case, I would recommend recommend calling the manufacturer again. If you’re experiencing the problems described above they should be able to help you regardless of whether the unit was affected by the recall or not.

    • Joseph Zukowski says

      I finally found the sticker, located on the bottom corner of the unit. What a place to put a serial number!

  57. frank says

    is my Frigidaire FAD 504 DUD (serial # KN 145 050 88) purchased on 5/22/13 on the recall list? If so, what is the next step? thank you!

    • Admin says

      Yes, it appears your unit has been recalled. Please use the form on the link we give at the top of this page to start the process of either replacing the unit or receiving a refund.

  58. Richard W. Fox says

    Will you please rush me a reply if the SOLEUSAIR fueled by TCL model number HMT-D45E-A serial number-1000010212001400555 which was purchased on 04/20/2015 is on the safety recall list?

  59. Ron says

    Well I sent in everything they wanted cut the cord etc in February 19th called 3 times since, going to call again today where are my checks? I had 2 frigidare units now my basement is dripping with moister. Thanks for nothing. Now I have to go out and spend another 300 bucks (of which they only give you 95 bucks) and who is to say that the ones I get now will be recalled? then no money to replace those.

    • Ed says

      Just received my replacement dehumidifier on 5/15/17. I also submitted my request on 2/19/17. The replacement FFAD7000T1 was manufactured 3/17. The new unit does not look as nice as the defective unit , but so far is has been running for 2 days with no problems. Also I have a hose connected to the drain.

  60. Sal C says

    Does anyone know or can any one tell me what they are replacing the Frigidaire 70 pint model dehumidifier with ? I would think the smartest thing they would send out would be one that when the humidity is reached — it would shut off automatically. I would think for a 70 pint like mine they would send me a Frigidaire FFAD7000T1. So admin if your reading this — that’s what I would like its a same / like replacement — considering what we have to give up.

    • Steve says

      FYI look at comments below, someone said they have the FFAAD7000T1 sent to them. When I filled out the paper work and I even called them. I was told that the new model would be equal to what you have, in other words, you have a 50, they send a 50, or a 70, they send a 70.

    • Admin says

      Yes, the model is but your particular unit may not be. You will need to input the serial number of your particular unit on the manufacturer’s recall page to check.

  61. DonT says

    My unit was recalled. Destroyed the one I had as instructed. It took 2 months to get a new one. The one they sent is a much cheaper model that does not have an auto-shutoff. In addition, it is not a Frigidaire but a cheap Electrolux model.
    My advice is to take the reimbursement and go buy one comparable to the one you have. I was totally ripped off!

    • Barbara Buschmann says

      I’m in the same boat! If I had known the replacement unit would be inferior to what I destroyed, meaning it had fewer features, I would have opted for the credit and bought my own with auto-shutoff. This will cost me more to run! Very disappointed! FYI – slapping Firgidaire logo on the front but putting Electrolux on the serial number label does not make me feel better.

      • Barbara Buschmann says

        Corrrection: The unit shuts off when the humidity level is reached but the fan keeps running. Useless! The replacement model is FFAD5000T1.

      • Barbara Buschmann says

        Correction – the fan did shutoff a while after the compressor unit shutoff once the humidity level was reached. I still wish I had taken the credit!

  62. Chuck Schmitz says

    Called the number and the number was disconnected. Does anyone know if there is a new number to call. Company previously told me there was no time limit on the recall.

  63. Chris says

    Does the replacement FFAD5000T1 have the drain hose location on the back, about a foot or so from bottom? We need to know before deciding replacement or cash. We are set up with the hose running through wall into drain. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  64. Bill Rymer says

    I have 2 model FAD504DWD units. Both ARE in the recall per the website entry of S/Ns. The stated replacement when I called them is of course the FFAD5000T1 being made in China & est. 8wks to deliver. I have two GO-NO GO concerns. 1) For my applications it must come back on after power outages. Will the replacement do that ? and 2) EnergyStar web info says the fan will run continuously even when the compressor is off. But does it continue to run after the humidistat is satisfied ?? If the fan runs forever I consider that a fire hazard all by itself !!! In a farmhouse and vacation home ~ 300 miles away I am not about to plug in some fan and let it runs for months unattended !!! The orig FAD504DWD would shut off the fan when the humidity setting was satisfied. That was a mandatory requirement with me. Secondly, I now wonder if the newer FAD504DWDs that are not in the recall based on serial numbers will still shut off the fan when satisfied like the originals? The phone lady at the 800 # says the newer ones have an auto shutoff for overtemp. Not clear if that is BOTH the replacement units and the later mfr dated FAD504DWDs. Not sure if I would believe them even if they told me. Do you guys know? Have you tested the later model FAD504DWD that are NOT in the recall? Does their fan shut off when the setting is satisfied? Thanks.

    • Barbara Buschmann says

      In response to your second question, my replacement was FFAD5000T1. The fan never turns off though the unit/compressor does once the humidity level you choose is reached. I agree that is not safe if you’re not around. I’ll be turning mine off whenever I go out of town until I can get a replacement. Wish I would have taken the credit!

    • Anonymous says

      It doesn’t seem as sturdy as the original, but it’s not quite as bad as I would conclude from some of these comments. In normal mode, the fan does run constantly while the compressor cycles, but this is only when it’s being called on to run. When the humidity falls below what you set it for, it turns off. Feature wise, it is far superior to my 2010 Frigidaire that it replaced, but as I said, it does ‘feel’ a little cheap.

      My original 50 pint Frigidaire it replaced was junk. I only used it as a backup. I had a 30 pint Zenith that consistently outperformed it. This new model outperforms the Zenith (although the Zenith is approaching 10 years old now).

  65. Helen says

    My dehumidifier is part of the recall. It malfunctioned and I disposed of it in October 2016. I was able to retrieve my model number, serial number, and date of purchase from Frigidaire. (The store I bought it from, American TV and Appliance has closed nationally. I purchased a 5-year extended warranty, but threw out the paperwork with the unit.) The recall center told me that without photographs of the disabled unit, I would have to submit proof of purchase. Frigidaire told me that they provided Midea with my date of purchase, model and serial numbers. I feel like I am getting the runaround. Any suggestions? Does anyone know the third party insuror that American TV and Appliance used? Maybe I could contact them for proof of purchase.

    • Andy says

      It’s been a while since your post however if you still have this dehumidifier, why not just make life a little bit easier for yourself and snap off a couple of pictures of the manufacturer label that’s smack on the machine. The process is super easy assuming that you have a cell phone that allows you to surf the internet, has email and a phone that lets you take pictures. If not, the next best solution is to have a family member or friend come over and take the 5-10 minutes to help you but using their phone.

      Step 1 – on your (or another person’s) cell phone, go to the following website:

      Step 1a – at the bottom of that page and using the drop down menu’s, find your brand of dehumidifier (you said you had a Frigidaire)

      Step 1b – the next drop down menu ask’s you to select your dehumidifier model number (it’s right there on the back or side of the machine’s manufacture label)

      Step 1c – manually enter the Serial # (from that same manufacturer label)

      Step 1d – Click on “Verify Number”

      If it say’s “This is an affected model and has been recalled”, then it will tell you how much the refund is and give you a choice of taking it, or to wait for a replacement dehumidifier.

      Step 2 – There will be instructions to first take 2 pictures.

      Step 2a – As it is directing you, use your (or someone’s) cell phone and take the first picture of the manufacturer label itself. It will let you look at the picture to make sure it’s close enough, can see the entire label, and make sure it’s not too fuzzy

      Step 2b – As directed, there will be two things to do for the second picture. One involves what they want you to write on the machine itself and the other involves cutting the the machine’s electrical cord off. First, get a dark magic marker. Turn the machine around so you’re looking at the back of it. On the back of the machine somewhere write whatever the current date may be (example – 6/15/19). Then, simply write your name somewhere visible on the back of the machine as well. Finally, once you’ve cut the dehumidifier’s electrical cord off the machine, wind it up and place it in front of the dehumidifier so that your second picture will show the back of the machine with your name and date on it AND the cut-off electrical cord. NOW, you are ready to take the second picture. Once you’ve taken that picture, check it to make sure it is fairly clear.

      Step 3 – Simply continue to fill out the requested information (email, phone number, your name, address, etc).

      Once you’ve completed this, you’ll simply hit the “submit” button and after about 30 seconds you will see a confirmation appear. By the way, you will also get an email with a confirmation as well. From this point, simply wait about 2 weeks and you will receive a check in the mail (unless you requested a replacement dehumidifier. I do not know how long that takes).

      If all this sounds complicated and lengthy, trust me…. it is not. Each step by step is provided on their registration page. Unless you have to go hunting for a magic marker or a tool that can easily cut the electrical cord, the process should not take you more then 10 minutes.

  66. Harold M. Bailey says

    my dehumidifier is a Frigidaire Model #LAD704TDL , Serial KN03107104 is on the recall list I want to know how long it will take to replace it? My dehumidifier is a 70 pint dehumidifier.

    • Admin says

      You will need to contact the manufacturer directly to get a concrete answer to your question. However, you can also scan the comments on this page to see how long it’s taken other consumers to receive their replacement unit.

    • DonT says

      Mine took two months to be delivered. FYI – they are sending out cheap dehumidifiers. Take the reimbursement!

    • Chris M says

      My letter from Midea says 8 weeks from the time your registration is confirmed for your replacement unit to ship.

  67. Ted CEBULA says

    Cannot use computer is there a mailing address that I could use instead of the computer & send the completed form with proper pictures. To old to handle computer transactions …. Thanks Ted

  68. Shannon Quinn says

    I could not find my ComfortAire listed, maybe because it is one of the smaller models, but I did find two model numbers: BHD-301G and BHD-301A. The serial mumber shown is 412TA007243. Can you tell me if it is an affected unit? Thank you.

    • Admin says

      The BHD-301G is an affected model but the serial number you gave indicates that your specific unit is not affected by the recall.

  69. Susan P says

    I just received my replacement dehumidifier. So far it works well and is even quieter than the recalled unit. BUT I would not recommend it, because the bucket is very small–about half the size of the recalled unit’s bucket.

    If you’ve already ordered or received a replacement, here’s a tip to help you replace the bucket, which does not easily slide back into place: grab the bucket along the sides *toward the bottom.*

    Another frustration: There is no tech support! The recall center said it processes replacements and does not provide tech support. They referred me to Midea (manufacturer) tech support. Midea tech support said they have NO DOCUMENTATION for this product! They were able to help somewhat based on their experience with similar dehumidifiers, though.

    In addition, as others have mentioned, the manual that ships with the replacement unit says the warranty is on page 11–but there is no page 11. The recall center told me the warranty lasts one year, starting with the date the customer receives the replacement unit. I asked for the warranty in writing, and they emailed me a registration card. Not what I was looking for! (We don’t need to register the replacement unit.)

    All in all, a poor experience. I wish I’d opted for the check.

    • DonT says

      Susan P – I had the same problem. They sent me a much cheaper model that isn’t even sold anywhere. I’m so irritated that they think it’s ok to downgrade my model. Wish I would have opted for the reimbursement instead.

  70. Lee says

    I have 3 spt 70 pint pump dehumidifiers all bought at same time in 2015 none seem to want to work correctly anymore all three leak water out bottom and not into bucket anymore at all all three are extremely hot when on sides and back.
    Model numbers are SD72pe

  71. John Pickard says

    My Unit is in the recall But it Burned up two years ago and I tried to get it fixed. I did not know that there was trouble with these Dehumidifiers until last week when I got the letter. I replaced the unit on my own, I have the original Store Receipt but no Serial Number since I threw the old unit out. Is there any Re-Course in the Recall for me?

    • Admin says

      We recommend that you call in with this question using the number provided on the recall page we reference at the top of the page.

  72. A. Rawlinson says

    I got the recall notice end of last year right before Christmas (nice present huh?) My dehumidifier had been working great, but they told me to cut the cord and send them a photo before I could replace it. I went for the replacement because they were offering a lot less than it would cost to buy a new one…cheapskates! I was told it would take 2 months. I figured that was okay I guess, as it was winter and the ground would be frozen and I should be getting a new one by end of March. By the way I live in Canada, still cold at end of March, and it’s used for my damp cellar.
    So I waited and I waited and when the time was up, I phoned them as I’d heard nothing. They told me they received the photo the 27th Jan. Though I had sent it the day I cut the cord on the 18th? I thought the Internet was speedier than that! They assured me that it was on its way, and not to worry.
    Then I called again a couple of weeks ago, and they said it would be shipped April 5th, and then would take about another week to get to me…or so. They assured me I would get an email from them to tell me the arrival date.
    Now I am getting madder and madder waiting as my cellar is very damp now as we had a mild winter, and lots of rain lately. Here it is the 13th April, and I have just received an email from Midea this evening (after the phone lines have closed of course.)…saying that I might get it the middle of May!!!!
    They are having trouble with “availability of some models” and so the shipment will be delayed. They don’t even guarantee that it will come middle of May, as they added that –”If we run into additional shipping issues or other delays, we will contact you again directly to update you on the status of your replacement dehumidifier.”
    It’s absolutely intolerable, and if I could sue them I would for false advertising, and adding insult to injury with this *bs*, I was thinking of renting one in the meantime as more rain coming in a few days, not sure what that will cost me!

    I can’t take much more…first my screen door closer snapped in two with the gusty winds we’ve had, then my Apple computer died, and I found out it was under recall too but no one notified me and it died 2 months after recall ended. The graphics card apparently, and they don’t make that part any more so I can’t even fix it! Now my 20 year old fridge is making noises, and they don’t make them like this anymore so I am loathe to buy a new one that’ll last all of 7 yrs if I’m lucky! Now this nonsense….honestly, I think it must be Mercury retrograde…I’m going to check right now, good luck all.
    Oh and my dehumidifier is a Kenmore 70 pint, model number 253.25033

  73. gary daniels says

    I sent my picture of my cut cord on the recalled dehumidifier on 2/1/2017
    I have nor heard anything back or received a replacement.

    Could you give me an update.


    • Chuck Schmitz says

      I purchased 2 units in December of 2010. (KN91523808, KN91920205)I did receive the recall notice and checked to see if my units were affected. I was advised that they were. I called the company handling the recall and asked how long we had to send this information into them as I was leaving on vacation for 2 months. They advised me that there was no time expiration and this could be sent in anytime. I tried to call the number today (1-800-600-3055)to ask some further questions and the line has been disconnected. Is there another number I can call to get some results. I would like to get these replaced. From some of the comments I have read the recall is not going so good. I do not want to cut my cords and not receive 2 new units.

  74. Larry J Patches says

    I received my replacement today. It’s a Frigidaire 50 pint model FFAD5000T1. this model is not listed on Frigidaire”s website. My understanding is this model was built solely as a replacement and not for sale otherwise. The only problem I have is, the warranty page in the “Use & Care” booklet is page 11, but there isn’t a page 11, so I don’t know if there’s a warranty. I printed my shipping notice and delivery page, but there’s no way I can find to register the unit. I guess I just have to trust that they have a list og shipped units and dates in case there is a problem. I’ll find out in a month or so how it works. It does have an external continuous drain fitting, which for me is a must!! The process took about 10 weeks start to delivery.

  75. Curious George says

    As with other looking for information on the replacement Frigidaire model number FFAD7000T1 / FFAD7000T10 that is being offered as a recall replacement. There is no information available on line at this time that we could locate.

    We requested a replacement unit instead of cash back and it took 12 weeks processing time. Received replacement on 4/4/17 This came packaged as a Frigidaire unit with there logo on the front drain bucket and model # on the back. As a Curious George myself I looked around on line to try and identify the unit or to see if it was sold under different label or brand names.

    What we located was a unit with the same specification sold as a Impecca IDM-70SE 70 pint Portable Dehumidifier. My suspicion is this is a lower cost unit repackaged to help control replacement loss by Frigidaire.

    We also reviewed the manual [ printed in three languages ] with the new replacement dehumidifier and interesting is there in no warranty. Table of contents list warranty information on page 11, there is no page 11.

    There is also no product registration form, seams to be a as is replacement.

    Another negative is the drain bucket is very difficult to remove and install and will be difficult if one has any mobility problems. Would best be used with a hose drain if you have a location to do so.

    Would I have opted for this replacement unit had I known this first, no. Would have taken the cash back as we couldn’t wait the 12 weeks and had to purchased a new one. But it’s here now, and will set in the way till needed or be given to someone in the family should they want it.

    We hope you fine this comment / review helpful.

    • Mike G. says

      Thanks for your research and post. Was definitely helpful. I had the same problem finding info on the Frigidaire FFAAD7000T1 I received as a replacement unit. Definitely a smaller catch basin than my original unit. Cash back would’ve been the best choice. Oh well, live and learn!

    • K Hark says

      I also received my replacement FFAD7000T10. This does not hold a candle to my previous dehumidifier. I actually still have one of the previous ones (I had two) and the replacement measures a lower humidity rating and takes forever to fill the smaller bucket than the previous one. I feel like I’ve been cheated.

  76. Karen Ann Kaufman says

    My mother received notice of having purchased a possibly faulty dehumidifier.
    Brand Soleus Air powered by Gree, Model GL-DEH-70F-2 serial number 10034770693 purchased at Lowe’s. I do not see Soleus air listed as a brand impacted by this recall, and I searched for the model number under every single brand in your list of impacted units..and found no reference to this model being impacted. Am I safe in assuming that her unit is not faulty and can be used?
    thanks for your reply.

    • Admin says

      Soleus Air units were not affected by this recall. If the unit is really old it may have been affected by earlier recalls but it is absolutely not affected by this recall.

  77. Jeff says

    I have 2 units affected by the recall. One had been working and the other quit pulling moisture from the air a couple years ago. I was giving it away and happened to hear of the recall. How come i never got correspondence about this? Im hoping the replacement will arrive quickly. The 2nd one i guess i will take the money for even though its only half what it cost.

  78. RICHARD GREER says

    SERIAL NO. KN 91903145


    • Admin says

      It appears your unit was affected by the recall. Make sure to input the serial nr. without the space: KN91903145. Also, the model no. is FDL50S1, not FDL-5051.

  79. J.B.Perry says

    I do not find the form at the bottom of this page as instruced to . it is frigidaire model LAD504TDL sn.KN00605663 Date 2/10 . Isit on recall list thanks J.B.

    • Admin says

      Try visiting the page again. After inputting the details you listed the system told us that your unit is in fact affected by the recall.

  80. Charles Reed says

    I sent the recall in on dehumidifier searl # kn01510604 and searl # kn91110371 for fire or smoking incidents some time in January and I did not here from you people yet. Please let me know if you got them or do I send them back in again. THANK YOU READING THIS. Charles Reed

  81. KATHERINE says


  82. Michael says

    Just got my FFAD7000T1 today from UPS (on the actual unit, the model is specified as FFAD7000T10). There is absolutely nothing except this forum when searching for either of these models on Google, which itself is not a good sign, let along an official Web page describing this product on either Frigidaire’s or Midea’s Web site.

  83. james sullivan says

    I called the number on the recall letter and was told that my dehumidifier is on the list; however, she stated I had to do it on line. When I attempted to do so, I kept getting different menu choices–no application for a refund/replacement. Please advise.

    • Anonymous says

      The recall person I spoke with said the replacement model #FFAD7000T1 is new and they have no specs on it. He couldn’t tell me if it has a place to attach a hose or how much water it will hold if there is no hose attachment. He also said some consumers tried to return the replacement models as they weren’t happy with them.


      • Richard DePasquale says

        Just got mine today; 2 units and they are the FFAD7000T1 model. There is a plug to remove. Then the hose adapter must be installed. The package is located in the bucket. You will need a small Phillips head screwdriver to install. Important Tip: Remove the drain pan. You will need to feed the drain tube adapter through the back and connect it inside the drain pan. Use two hands with one inside the drain pan to direct the tube. Also, take a bit of hand lotion to lube the outside of the tube you are going to connect to (inside the drain pan). This will really help. Get the tube completely in and over the male piece inside the pan before you start tightening the screws. If you follow these steps, it’s really easy. Good luck!

  84. Mike Boesema says

    There has been a couple times we had a burning electric/plastic smell coming from the basement but couldn’t trace it to anything. I always knew my FAD704DWD ran hot but, this being my first dehumidifier, I thought that was how they worked. I hope this FFAD7000T1 is a comparable model to what I have now. I paid $260.00 for this because of its reviews. My wife has severe allergies to mold and we need a robust dehumidifier that can handle my damp basement. If it is not, is there any recourse we can take to get a fair trade?

  85. Susy Gavagan says

    I have a Frigidaire dehumidifier that is on the recall list. Will the replacement model have a warranty? If so I will assume that I will be protected if the replacement is a dud.

  86. david hill says

    I was just told my unit was going to be replaced by the FFAD7000T1, BUT i can’T find no info on tHis to compare. The only things that comes up is the FFAD7033R1. Is that what we are receiving? PERPLEXED???

    • Eric Dailey says

      I called Midea. I was told I would receive the Frigidaire FFAD7000T1. I found nothing on the Frigidaire website about that unit. I called the Frigidaire 800 number. The person I talked with could find nothing on that unit (didn’t even find that model number). Told me to call Midea. I then communicated with someone via Live Chat at Frigidaire. That person told me that the model number is specific to Midea and to call Midea for more information.

    • Eric Dailey says

      I called Midea to get more information about the replacement unit I was told I would get, which is the Frigidaire FFAD7000T1. The Midea call rep transferred me to a product specialist. He told me the replacement model is new and is being made now. He indicated it is not for retail sale. He said he has seen the unit and it looks nice (of course, you would expect him to say that). He said the bucket capacity would likely be smaller than what I have now, as the replacement units has controls to prevent the overheating, thus taking away space for a bucket. He said it is similar to the Frigidaire FAD704DWD (which you can find on the Frigidaire web site). I also found a list of dehumidifiers published by the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU). It does list the FFAD7000T1. Electrolux actually makes the replacement model.

    • Anonymous says

      The Frigidaire FFAD7000T1 they sent me looks exactly like the one Global Industries sells as a Global which is their house brand. I think they have been selling it since 2015. They have a few reviews which are all good.

  87. Kathy H says

    I have had the Frigidaire unit FAD504DWD for 4 yrs. Never had a problem. Its shut off function works just fine. It is on the recall list. If it has been working for 4 yrs without a problem is it OK to continue to use? How long were the 30 that failed in service when they caught fire by overheating? Were they set at a very high humidity setting which caused the overheating?

  88. Monty says

    What model are you replacing it with and how long does it take to get one once you submit the required information?

    • Rich says

      This replacement model only comes up on web starting in Dec 2016, so its Brand New and it IS Energy Star compliant with efficiency rating of 2.0. Which is what most of them are though it is the lowest rating. As you cant get a humidifier of these sizes for any price near what they are offering, they are almost twice as much, I would recommend getting the repl unit. Yes it will be about 12 wk delivery as it shipping directly from China to your house. And as this model is new you cant get any useful info on it but the model numbers around thos one were well rated I would expect this one to be about the same. Unles they made this unit Just for the recall and cheaped out on us !!

      • Cindy Schmolze says

        That is my concern, also! I paid $300 for my dehumidifier that is on the recall list, so can’t figure out why they don’t offer a better monetary refund to help recoup some of that cost! It’s only 4 years old! My frustration, too, is trying to get information on the replacement unit; guess I’ll just have to go on faith, which these days in the market is chancey indeed!

  89. Monty says

    Why are you only providing a refund that is a fraction of the cost. I can show that I paid $189 on amazon. Why don’t you pay me the full cost of replacing it? This is ridiculous to have to wait weeks for a new unit when we all bought them with the immediate need.

  90. Ed Mck says


    I received a letter today stating that my Frigidaire dehumidifier might be part of the recall. I went through the required process and discovered that my dehumidifier is one of those affected by the recall.

    I am trying to decide whether to take the money or a replacement. The replacement they are offering is a Frigidaire model number FFAD7000T1. I cannot find such a model number on their website, so I am unable to determine whether this is a good product or not. I called the Frigidaire number, and they were unable to help. So, my question is the following: is this model number a good replacement for the dehumidifier I originally purchased which is model number FAD704DUD, 70 pint dehumidifier.?

    Any ideas as to why the model number they are offering is not on their website? I thought perhaps this might be an older model that has been replaced by a newer version. If so, what is the newer version, and is the model they are offering comparable to this newer version?

    One last question, how can I be certain that the newer model does not suffer from the same defect as the older version that has been recalled?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Admin says

      The latest iteration of the FAD704DUD is the FFAD7033R1, a unit we’ve actually tested and rate very highly. We’ve never seen the FFAD7000T1 for sale anywhere or even heard of it until now.

      • Gerard Morvillo says

        Im in this same boat. Looking for information on this FFAD7000T1 to replace a FAD704DUD. I would like to make sure its a good quality unit before choosing it over a cash refund (although only about 1/2 the original retail price). I can’t find any information about it online.

      • Cindy Schmolze says

        This is the replacement unit model number (FFAD7000T1) that was also given to me by calling the recall phone number on the paperwork. Also, I can find that model online now, with limited information, saying it just went on the market December 2016.

    • Admin says

      You will have to look for the unique serial number on your particular unit and input it according to our instructions above.

  91. Daniel Gindling says

    How long does it take to receive you check? I cut the cord and sent pictures in at the beginning of January. I haven’t received anything. Just wondering how long it takes for the check so I can buy a new one.

    • Richard DePasquale says

      I “cut the cord” on January 16 and submitted on line same day. Just received my replacement units today (April 7) and they are awesome! There was a huge backlog on the Frigidaire units, that’s why the “more than 8 weeks” to replace happened. Very happy camper today!

  92. Richard L. Foster says


    • Admin says

      Hi Richard, Unfortunately there’s no easy answer here. The only thing you could do is buy another unit in the meantime and perhaps use the replacement as a back-up unit when it arrives.

  93. Christine Bair says

    I would like to have my recalled dehumidifer replaced because of this recall. It is FAD704DUD 70 pint. Frigidare Electrolux. I called 800 number and was told to contact Walmart which is where I purchased it.

  94. Geff R. says

    At least one of my Frigidare FAD704DWD DeHumidifiers shows a manufacture date of 11/15, & I purchased it at Lowes in 11/16.

  95. Ruth Trudeau says

    I was planning on purchasing the frigidaire model #fad504dwd. If it still appears on the website
    has it been recalled. Thanks for your response.

  96. john zawislak says

    having a problem with getting response from Ace Cleaning Equipment – distributor of Horizon Galaxy dehumidifier — it has failed after a year – covered under 5 yr guarantee — filed a warranty claim on 8/30/16 – asked to send back the unit which I did on 11/11/16 – feel like I am getting the run around & have been lied to by a key management person I spoke with. The company is located in Sanford, NC. These units were placed in my complex new homes, all have been failing even before a year – something is wrong with a 1,500 unit sold by Ryan Homes.

    Please advise – John Zawislak

  97. donna giancursio says

    I have never had so many problems with the people taking the recalls. Spoke with nine different people and yes I have their names and I still have no paperwork sent to me. I have cut the cord on the machine and never met such unqualified people working at the call center. I sure would like to be contacted on this and would like a new unit. I’m a 73 year old woman and this is ridiculous.

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