• Good performance in our energy efficiency and moisture removal rate testing
  • Comes equipped with a large condensate collection bucket for its size – 15 pints


  • Has a very noisy compressor
  • Has a very inaccurate built-in hygrometer according to our testing
  • Emitted a plastic smell during testing – no other unit we tested emitted this smell

Included With Your Purchase

  • Dehumidifier
  • Instruction Manual

Quick Review Summary

This GE dehumidifier is sold as the ADEL45LY at Home Depot and the ADEW45LY at Walmart. Except for the one letter difference in the model name both units are identical otherwise.

The GE ADEL45LY (or ADEW45LY) is unique among the high capacity dehumidifiers we tested in that it is rated for 45 pints of moisture removal per day. All of the other high capacity units we tested are rated for 50 pints of moisture removal per day.

Nonetheless, this unit is highly comparable to all of those other high capacity units . It’s just about the same size, weighs just about the same, draws a similar amount of power, produces a similar amount of noise, and so on and so forth.

In the review that follows we compare the GE to both the best and worst 50 pint dehumidifiers we tested. We hope that these comparisons better help you decide if this is a dehumidifier worth buying or if you’re better off going with a different option.

Performance Test Results

Energy Efficiency

The ADEL45LY drew less power than any other high capacity dehumidifier we tested. It drew only 546 watts. The top rated 50 pint Frigidaire FFAD5033W1 (on the right in the photo below) drew 570 watts in the same test under the same conditions. Most 50 pint units drew in the 570 to 600 watt range.


In addition to raw power draw, we also consider tested moisture removal rate in considering a particular unit’s overall energy efficiency. More energy efficient units not only draw less power but also draw that power over a smaller period of time.

The GE performed very well in our moisture removal testing. It garnered second place in our first test and third place in our second test (more on these tests in just a moment).

Thus, according to our testing, the GE not only draws less power than most other high capacity units on the market, but it also removes moisture quicker. This is a highly energy efficient dehumidifier.

Noise Output


Dehumidifier noise is mostly comprised of two types of noise – compressor noise and fan (air) noise. The GE, unfortunately, has a very loud compressor. Its compressor makes a loud buzzing noise – so loud, in fact, that it filters right through the unit’s fan noise, even on high fan speed.

Most other 50 pint units we tested had a less noisy compressor and/or a louder fan to filter out the compressor noise.

In terms of raw noise output, the GE’s noise output is average compared to the 26 other high capacity units we’ve tested so far. Its noise output on high right next to the dehumidifier was 67.3 dB and 10 ft. away from the dehumidifier it was 53.4 dB. The averages for the category are 67.3 dB and 53.4 dB in the same tests.

However, keep in mind that these are raw numbers. They say nothing about the quality of the noise this unit produces. And we can assure you that this unit produces a far more unpleasant noise than most other high capacity units on the market.

Moisture Removal

As we alluded to earlier, the GE did very well in our moisture removal tests, especially considering its rated for only 45 pints/day of moisture removal according to the manufacturer.

In our first moisture removal test in which we measure how long it takes for the dehumidifier to lower room humidity from 90% down to 40% relative humidity (RH) in a 50 sq ft space, the GE took 9 minutes, 54 seconds. Most other high capacity units we tested took 10 to 14 minutes in the same test. The one stand-out was the top rated Frigidaire FFAD5033W1 which took only 7 minutes, 56 seconds in this test.

In the second test we measured the time taken to lower room humidity from 80% down to 50% RH. This was the less difficult of the two tests. Again, the GE did well. It took 5 minutes, 23 seconds to complete the test. The Frigidaire took 5 minutes, 10 seconds – not much of a difference at all.

Hygrometer Accuracy

Finally, we tested for hygrometer accuracy. Here, the GE did quite poorly. Its reading for room humidity varied from 3% all the way up to 11% over the actual humidity level in the room. Most of its competitors were far more accurate.

Included Features, Functionality, Build Quality, Warranties, and Value

Durability (Build Quality)

General Impressions


The GE ADEL45LY is (for the most part) built using noticeably lower quality parts and materials than most of its competitors. It also emitted a horrible plastic smell during testing. No other unit we tested emitted such a smell.

On the positive side of things this unit does feature a higher quality LED display than most competitors.

Consumer Feedback

This unit is fairly new to market and so consumer reviews for it are few and far between, at least as of the time of the writing of this editorial review.

Overall Category Score

The GE earns only an average 3.5/5 for durability.



This unit features three fan speeds compared to two fan speeds for most of its competitors. However, this isn’t much of an advantage as you’ll almost always want to set the unit to only one fan speed – high – to drown out its compressor noise.

Like most of its competitors this unit does feature a continuous mode, although it’s called “nonstop” mode on this specific model.

The unit also features a timer but it can only be set to a delayed stop and can only be set to 2 or 4 hours. Most competitors can be set to a delayed start or stop and can also be set in at least 1 hour increments all the way up to 24 hours.

Overall Category Score

The GE again earns an average 3.5/5 in the category.


Set Humidity Range

The ADEL45LY can be set to 35% to 80% RH – meaning that it can be set to a desired humidity level of 35% up to 80% RH. Once it reaches the set humidity level it will automatically cycle off until the humidity in the room rises above that set level. Do note, however, that because of the unit’s highly inaccurate built-in hygrometer, this functionality will not work as well as intended.

For example, if you were to set the unit to a desired humidity level of 50% RH, it may cycle off at a room humidity as high as 61% RH because its built-in hygrometer can be inaccurate up to 11%.

Most of the GE’s competitors can be set to a similar range of humidity but will more accurately cycle on/off when the desired humidity is reached.

Operating Temperature Range

The ADL45LY features an industry standard operating temperature range of 41° F to 90° F.

Gravity Drainage

This GE dehumidifier requires you to remove its bucket and reach in through the bottom of the unit to connect a garden hose for gravity drainage.

Most other units require you to simply connect a hose to the back of the unit.

Built-in Pump

This unit does not feature a built-in pump.

Overall Category Score

The unit again earns a slightly below average 3/5 in the category.

Extra Features

Temperature Reading

This unit does not give a temperature reading on its LED display.


This unit does feature a defrost mode but there is no indicator light to alert you when it’s activated. On defrost mode the compressor will cycle off and only the fan will continue to run to melt ice off of the unit’s evaporator coils.

Check Filter

This unit does feature a check filter light.

Overall Category Score

This unit earns an average 3.5/5 in the category.

Ease of Use

LED Display Clarity

As we commented earlier, this unit does feature a bright high quality LED display.

Setup Difficulty

Inputting settings on this unit is very easy and simple to do.

Filter Removal Difficulty



Filter removal can be cumbersome. You have to remove the water bucket and reach up through the bottom of the unit to remove its filter. Replacing the filter can be even more challenging as it can be difficult to find the groove into which you need to slide the filter to replace it.

Manual Clarity

Manual quality is average for this particular model.

Water Tank Size


The ADEL45LY features an above average sized tank. Its capacity is 15 pints vs an average of 12 to 14 pints for most competitors in the same high capacity size class.

Overall Category Score

The GE ADEL45LY earns an above average 4.5 in the category, mostly due to its above average sized tank.


The ADEL45LY weighs 43 lb. which is just above the average for the high capacity size class.

You use two side pocket handles to pick it up.

The unit doesn’t offer any cord storage which does make picking it up and moving it around more cumbersome.

Overall Category Score

The unit earns an average 3.5/5 in the category.

Warranty (Manufacturer’s)

This unit comes with an industry standard 1 year warranty.


This unit normally retails for about $270 which makes it just about the same price as the top rated Frigidaire FFAD5033W1 and considerably more expensive than budget-friendly top rated units.

Due to the fact that this unit has several large negatives (noisy, inaccurate hygrometer, etc.) we do not think it’s a good value at the approx. $270 price point.


  1. Mitchell Silver says

    My Ge 45 pint dehumidifier model # ADEW45LYL1 wont collect any water in the bucket and its only about a year old. Even though I want the collection to be in the bucket would i need to punch out the knockbout plug on the hose adapter


    After two seasons of use the hose channels become cloged with a plaque build up and will drop water in the bucket again, so you need to keep all chases clear for it to drain from hose. the unit now freezes up intermittantly, so I cleaned it, hosed it, blew it out, and seems to still freeze up more with filter on,Intermittantly so it is harder to zone in on the problem.

  3. BRIAN says

    You must have gotten a lemon on the GE Model ADEL45LY. I picked up one at Home Depot for $149.00 and that comes with ComEd $50 Rebate as well. It extremly quiet with no compressor buzz at all. In fact, I can barley hear the comressor at all! It’s hygrometer is perfectly accurate tested against two other hight quality hygrometers. I had no smell off the unit whatsoever as well. You may want to retest a new one.

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