SPT SD-52PE Review



  • Very energy efficient
  • Above average portability
  • Great value although 70 pint version is only about $10 more (at the time of the writing of this review)


  • If you want to employ gravity drainage you’ll have to install a separate adapter
  • Low quality adapter for pump drainage
  • Appears to be more cheaply made than comparable units
  • Noisy on high fan speed

Included With Your Purchase

  • Dehumidifier
  • Instruction manual
  • 16+ ft pump drain hose
  • Gravity drainage adapter
  • 2 screws for adapter installation

Quick Review Summary

The SPT SD-52PE is a 50 pint dehumidifier manufactured by Sunpentown. It is among three 50 pint built-in pump dehumidifiers we tested and reviewed. What follows is a detailed discussion of this model’s performance in each of our real world tests. For a much more detailed discussion of its features and functionality please see our 70 pint review. We only briefly discuss this model’s features in the review below.

Note: This particular review was written several years ago, thus all comparisons within this review are made comparing this dehumidifier to the other relevant medium capacity dehumidifiers at the time of its release, most of which are now discontinued. Also note that this dehumidifier, while a 52 pint unit at the time of its release, would be an approx. 35 pint unit by today’s pints/day standards.

Performance Test Results

Energy Efficiency

We measured the SPT’s power draw of 450 watts at 50% relative humidity. Note that its power draw will increase and approach manufacturer specified wattage at higher humidity levels. The SPT compared favorably to comparable units as it outperformed three other 50 pint units in this particular test. It was more energy efficient than the Friedrich but less energy efficient than the Delonghi.

Compare the 50 pint SPT’s power draw of 450 watts to 600 watts for the 70 pint model under the same conditions. Note that this comparison can be misleading as we highlight in our discussion comparing energy usage to moisture removal rate in our general buyer’s guide.

Noise Output

The SD-52PE was the only 50 pint dehumidifier we tested that exhausts out of the side of the unit. Since most of the noise from the unit is created by its intake and exhaust fans, the fact that this unit exhausts out of its side allows you to direct much of the noise it makes away from your living space (toward a wall, for example) for more quiet operation.

With the unit’s exhaust fan facing perpendicular to the location where we measured noise output, the SPT placed fifth (out of six 50 pint units) in our high fan 10 ft test and third in our low fan 10 ft test. Thus, the unit is quite noisy compared to other 50 pint units on high fan speed and one of the more quiet units on low fan speed. Of course, as we highlight above, you can always orient the unit such that the exhaust is anti-parallel to the observer in order to reduce noise output on this particular unit.

Moisture Removal

The SPT was one of the worst performers in our 50 pint moisture removal tests. It placed fifth (out of the six 50 pint units we tested) in both our 90-40% test and our 80-50% test. Note that despite the fact that it placed fifth, it really didn’t do much worse than our third placing unit (the Delonghi) in our 90-40% test as it was only 31 seconds slower in the same test. In our 80-50% test, on the other hand, it was almost 2 minutes slower than the third placing 50 pint unit (the Delonghi, again).

In other words, the SPT is only a slightly worse performer than both the Friedrich and the Delonghi in our 90-40% test and a much worse performer than both the Friedrich and the Delonghi in our 80-50% test. The Delonghi or the Friedrich is thus our recommendation (over the SPT) if a high moisture removal rate is necessary for your particular humidity problem.

Hygrometer Accuracy

The SPT’s hygrometer reading varied from the actual room humidity by 1% up to 3%. While not the most accurate hygrometer, it should be more than sufficiently accurate for most applications.

Durability, Features, And Value

Durability (Consumer Feedback)

Only three consumer reviews have been written for the SD-52PE as of the time of this editorial review. Due to the small sample size, we can’t make any reasonable deductions as to the unit’s longevity and durability by analyzing these reviews as we can for units that have a greater number of reviews (such as the Frigidaire 50 pint unit). What we will mention here is that we found the SPT units to at least appear to be much more cheaply made than other comparable units we reviewed and tested. We discuss the SD-72PE’s build quality in great detail in our review for the same unit. Build quality on the SD-52PE is exactly identical to that of the SD-72PE so we highly recommend that you read our comments regarding these units’ durability in that review.

Feature Summary

The SD-52PE features above average portability as its very light (only 37 lb) and also offers cord storage (a plastic strap on the back of the unit). The SPT isn’t able to display ambient air temperature but it does feature a continuous mode, defrost mode, and check filter light.

As was true for the 70 pint model, our biggest complaint regarding the SPT 50 pint has to do with drainage. To utilize gravity drainage you will need to install a separate included adapter onto the unit with a screwdriver. The built-in pump drain port is also of a much lower quality than comparable units (the Friedrich and Delonghi). We discuss both issues in great detail in our 70 pint review and highly recommend that you read that review if you’re at all considering this almost identical 50 pint model as a possible buying option.

Portability (Weight)

The SD-52PE at 37 lb weighs only 3 lb less than the 70 pint SD-72PE. Both units look identical and share identical features and functionality. The 70 pint unit only weighs slightly more due to heavier internal parts.

We didn’t observe much variance in weight among the 50 pint units we tested. The heaviest 50 pint unit we tested weighs 40.1 lb, only 3.1 lb more than the SPT. Thus, weight wasn’t a deciding factor for us in determining which 50 pint dehumidifier was most portable. We looked at other features like a top extendable handle and cord storage in making this determination. Only the Frigidaire was more portable in the 50 pint size class as it does include a top extendable handle (unlike the SPT) and offers much better cord storage (plastic hooks and a recessed cabinet vs the SPT’s plastic strap).


The SPT SD-52PE is the least expensive 50 pint built-in pump dehumidifier we tested, retailing for under $240 (approx.). Note that the 70 pint model is only about $10 more expensive, at a street price of about $250, making it difficult for us to recommend the 50 pint unit over the 70 pint unit.

Final Thoughts

We compare the Friedrich, Delonghi, and SPT dehumidifiers much more thoroughly in each respective 70 pint review, thus we suggest you read our comments there for greater insight as to which built-in pump unit is the better option.

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