ArcticAire ADR50A2G Review



  • Outstanding moisture removal rate
  • High quality control panel and separate LED display that shows temperature
  • Defrost mode
  • Humidistat can be set to as low as 30% RH (relative humidity)
  • 2 year warranty (vs industry standard 1 year warranty)


  • Below average built-in hygrometer accuracy
  • Only average performance in noise output tests

Included With Your Purchase

  • Dehumidifier
  • Instruction manual
  • 7 ft gravity drain hose

Quick Review Summary

The ArcticAire ADR50A2G is a recommend purchase in the 50 pint size class. It shares many of the same features as the Danby 50 pint, the Danby 70 pint, and the ArcticAire 70 pint. We highly recommend that you read over our ArcticAire 70 pint review and at least skim our Danby 70 pint review for much more information on this unit’s features and functionality as we only briefly discuss them in the review that follows below. What we will extensively discuss below is how this unit performed in each of the four real world tests we conducted in evaluating the dehumidifier’s real world performance. With that being said, let’s begin our review:

Note: In 2014 we reviewed six different 50 pint dehumidifiers. In 2015 we reviewed two more. This particular review was written in 2014, thus all comparisons within this review were made comparing this dehumidifier to five other 50 pint dehumidifiers and the top rated 50 pint dehumidifiers at the time, the Danby Premiere DDR50A2GP and the Frigidaire FAD504DWD. All new reviews compare all eight 50 pint dehumidifiers we’ve tested and reference the current top rated 50 pint dehumidifier, the Frigidaire FFAD5033R1.

Performance Test Results

Energy Efficiency

The ADR50A2G was measured to draw 462 watts of power at 50% relative humidity. Compare this number to 620 watts of power draw in the same conditions for the 70 pint model. Note that the larger capacity unit will dehumidify more quickly, requiring the unit to operate for a much smaller time period, thus evening out this discrepancy in power usage (between the 50 and 70 pint units) over time.

Noise Output

This unit’s noise output was measured at 51.2 dB 10 ft away from the dehumidifier set to high fan speed. Compare the ArcticAire’s noise output of 51.2 dB to the most quiet 50 pint dehumidifier we tested – the Danby’s measured noise output was only 0.5 dB less, at 50.7 dB (at the same distance on high fan speed). On low fan speed this discrepancy in noise output was much more pronounced – the ArcticAire was measured at 50.5 dB while the top performing Danby was measured at 47.3 dB.

The bottom line here is that the ArcticAire performs very well as far as noise output is concerned on high fan speed. On low fan speed, however, it was one of the least quiet 50 pint units we tested. If you’re looking for a quiet 50 pint unit, we recommend the Danby over the ArcticAire since it outperformed not only the ArcticAire, but all other 50 pint dehumidifiers we tested for noise output.

Moisture Removal

If you’re considering the ArcticAire as a possible buying option, this will probably be the singular reason why you end up purchasing it over other recommended 50 pint dehumidifiers. The ADR50A2G’s performance in both our moisture removal tests was nothing short of spectacular.

This unit outperformed all of the 50 pint units and four of the 70 pint dehumidifiers we tested in our 90-40% test. It was only slightly slower than the Danby 50 pint in our 80-50% test. Needless to say, the ArcticAire removes moisture very rapidly and comes with our highest recommendation if you require a 50 pint unit that can remove moisture quickly.

Hygrometer Accuracy

This unit’s hygrometer was not very accurate. It only read the relative humidity to within 5 or 6% of the actual room humidity. This result was surprising as the ArcticAire has the exact same control panel and appears to share many of the same internal parts as the Danby, which read the relative humidity to within 1% of the actual room humidity under the same conditions.

Durability, Features, And Value

Durability (Consumer Feedback)

This unit has received only 5 consumer reviews so far, all of them 5 star. We cannot draw any conclusions regarding the unit’s durability and longevity from such a small sample size.

Feature Summary

On the negative side, the ADR50A2G lacks the portability of some of the more easy to move around 50 pint units we tested, such as the Frigidaire FAD504DWD. We rate it as having below average portability mostly because it doesn’t come equipped with a top extendable handle or cord storage (both features are present on the more portable Frigidaire). This unit also doesn’t feature a continuous mode.

On the positive side, the ArcticAire has superior drainage functionality. A gravity drain hose is included with your purchase (not included on many other units). This hose can easily be installed (even more easily than hosing on units that only come equipped with a gravity drain port and do not include a hose with your purchase) for quick and effective gravity drainage. Note that this unit does not come equipped with a built-in pump.

The ArcticAire also features a highly adjustable humidistat that can be set to as low as 30% RH (relative humidity) and as high as 90% RH (compared to 35-85% for the Frigidaire). The unit can be operated in temperatures ranging from 42.8° F to 95° F, a fairly standard range for most of the dehumidifiers we tested. The unit also features a separate temperature display and a defrost mode.

Portability (Weight)

The ADR50A2G weighs 37.3 lb which is only 0.3 lb heavier than the lightest 50 pint unit we tested (the Frigidaire). Compared to the ADR70A2G (weighing 45.4 lb), this unit is 8.1 lb lighter. Note that both units are essentially exactly the same size. The extra weight of the 70 pint model is due to its more robust internals.


This particular model retails online for about $215. We found it to be selling online for slightly more than the Danby 50 pint at most online retail outlets. Compare this unit’s price of about $215 to approximately $210 for the Danby and approximately $195 for the Frigidaire.

Final Thoughts

For a comparison of this unit to the other 50 pint units we tested, see our 50 pint dehumidifier buying guide.

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