Danby DDR50A2GP Review



  • Rated above average in all four of our performance tests
  • Energy efficient
  • Operates very quietly
  • Removes moisture rapidly for its size class
  • Has a very accurate built-in hygrometer for precise control of room humidity levels
  • High quality control panel with separate LED display that shows ambient room temperature
  • Defrost mode for low temperature operation
  • Humidistat can be set to as low as 30% RH (relative humidity)
  • Above average 2 year warranty (industry standard is 1 year)


  • Lacks large sample size of consumer reviews to truly evaluate unit’s durability and reliability
  • Not as portable as the Frigidaire (no top extendable handle or cord storage) and also lacks continuous mode which is included with the Frigidaire

Included With Your Purchase

  • Dehumidifier
  • Instruction manual
  • 7 ft gravity drain hose

Quick Review Summary

The Danby DDR50A2GP is highly recommend if you’re set on purchasing a 50 pint dehumidifier. This unit is simply an outstanding choice in the 50 pint dehumidifier size class. As we discuss at length below, this unit performed exceptionally well in all four of our real world performance tests. It is more energy efficient, removes moisture more quickly, and also features a more accurate built-in hygrometer than almost every other 50 pint dehumidifier we tested. It is also one of the most quiet dehumidifiers we tested overall, outperforming 70 and 30 pint units in addition to other 50 pint units in many of our noise output tests. The Danby also comes with a myriad of features, many of which are not found on similar recommended units. For example, the Danby features a defrost mode and a separate temperature display, two features that you won’t find on the other 50 pint dehumidifier we recommend, the Frigidaire FAD504DWD. Throughout this review we’ll compare and contrast the Danby with the Frigidaire, since they’re the two units we recommend in the 50 pint size class. We’ll also compare the 50 pint Danby to its 70 pint counterpart, the Danby DDR70A2GP, as they both share many similar features and performed equally well in most of our real world performance tests.

Note: Below you’ll find an in depth discussion of the 50 pint Danby’s performance in all of our real world tests. We only briefly summarize its features, taking time to compare its features to those of the Frigidaire instead of discussing each feature outright. For a much more complete discussion of this unit’s features in more general terms please see our Danby 70 pint review as both the 50 and 70 pint units have nearly identical features and functionality.

Note: In 2014 we reviewed six different 50 pint dehumidifiers. In 2015 we reviewed two more. This particular review was written in 2014, thus all comparisons within this review were made comparing this dehumidifier (one of two different top rated 50 pint dehumidifier at the time) to the five other 50 pint dehumidifiers we tested in 2014. All new reviews compare all eight 50 pint dehumidifiers we’ve tested and reference the current top rated 50 pint dehumidifier, the Frigidaire FFAD5033R1.

Performance Test Results

Energy Efficiency

The DDR50A2GP was measured to draw 450 watts of power at 50% room humidity. Expect it to draw closer to the manufacturer specified 600 watts of power at higher humidity levels (more on this phenomenon here). At our test humidity level (50% relative humidity) the 50 pint Danby drew substantially less power than the 70 pint model but as you’ll see shortly, this comes at the cost of removing moisture less quickly. Thus, you are buying what at first appears to be a more energy efficient appliance with less power draw in a 50 pint dehumidifier, but it draws this power over a greater amount of time than the 70 pint equivalent unit to remove the same amount of moisture. For reference, the 50 pint Danby drew 450 watts of power while the 70 pint Danby drew 590 watts of power under the same conditions. See our moisture removal test results below to compare how much longer you would need to operate the 50 pint compared to the 70 pint to remove the same amount of moisture.

Noise Output

The DDR50A2G was the most quiet 50 pint dehumidifier we tested. On high fan speed at 10 ft its measured noise output was 50.7 dB compared to 53.6 dB for the worst performing 50 pint unit (the Delonghi DD50PE). It also tied for being the most quiet 50 pint unit on low fan speed at 10 ft.

Compared to the DDR70A2G, Danby’s 50 pint unit is quite a bit more quiet. Compare the 50 pint’s measured noise output (on high fan speed at 10 ft) of 50.7 dB to 54.8 dB for the 70 pint Danby under the same conditions. On low fan speed and at the same distance this discrepancy in noise output is still substantial – the 50 pint was measured at 47.3 dB while the 70 pint Danby was measured at 50.8 dB.

To summarize, the Danby is the best choice if you’re looking for a 50 pint dehumidifier that produces the least amount of noise of any of the 50 pint units on the market. If noise output is important to you and you’re deciding between the Danby 70 pint and Danby 50 pint, we also recommend the DDR50A2G as the better option.

Moisture Removal

As was true for the 70 pint Danby and ArcticAire units we tested, the 50 pint Danby and ArcticAire units outperformed the competition by quite a large margin in both of our moisture removal tests. The Danby was the second fastest in dehumidifying the test space from 90% RH (relative humidity) to 40% RH and the fastest in dehumidifying the same space from 80% RH down to 50% RH.

The 50 pint Danby was over two minutes faster in the 90-40% test than the third placing Delonghi DD50PE. It was close to 30 seconds faster than the second place ArcticAire in the 80-50% test.

Comparing the Danby 50 pint to the Danby 70 pint we find that the 70 pint unit dehumidified the same space over 2 minutes faster in our 80-50% test and over 5 minutes faster than the 50 pint unit in our 90-40% test. As you can see, the difference in dehumidification speed between 70 and 50 pint units is substantial and more than makes up for the difference in energy usage.

Hygrometer Accuracy

Like the 70 pint Danby, the 50 pint unit also has a very accurate hygrometer. It measured the room humidity no worse than within 1% of the actual room humidity. If you need to set the humidity to an exact range, then we would also recommend the Danby over the Frigidaire as the unit with the more precise and accurate hygrometer. Note that the Danby also reads the humidity in 1% increments while the Frigidaire’s hygrometer only reads humidity levels in 5% increments.

Durability, Features, And Value

Durability (Consumer Feedback)

As of the time of this analysis, the DDR50A2GP had only received two consumer reviews, both of them 5 star ratings. As we note in other reviews, we prefer to determine how durable and reliable any particular dehumidifier is by analyzing consumer feedback instead of relying on our own observations, if only because we only tested these units for 30 days, which didn’t give us sufficient time to determine just how durable these units are. Consumers, on the other hand, own and use these units for months and years and therefore give us much better insight as to how durable these units really are.

Obviously we lack a sufficient sample size of consumer reviews for the Danby to make the same type of inferences that we can make for a unit with a larger sample size, such as the Frigidaire (over 800 consumer reviews). What we can tell you is that our own observations lead us to believe that this is a very durable unit. As we note in our 70 pint review, the Danby units are very solidly constructed and appear to be made from high quality materials. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this unit if durability is an important factor for you in coming to a purchase decision.

Feature Summary

The Danby is less portable and less adjustable than the top rated Frigidaire. It doesn’t feature a top extendable handle or cord storage, is slightly heavier than the Frigidaire (all of which makes it less portable), and it lacks a continuous mode (making it less adjustable). The Danby is more versatile than the Frigidaire, however. Its humidistat can be set to as low as 30% (compared to 35% for the Frigidaire). This unit also includes a 7 ft corrugated plastic drain hose for gravity drainage. The drain hose fits through an adapter on the back of the unit for simple “plug and play” installation. The Frigidaire does not include a drain hose. Note that this unit does have a somewhat more limited operating temperature range. The recommended range on the Danby is 42.8° F to 95° F compared to 41° F to 96° F for the Frigidaire.

Another reason you might go with the Danby over the Frigidaire is because of its extra features. The Danby includes a separate temperature display and a defrost mode for more efficient low temperature operation. The Frigidaire does not come equipped with either one of these features. Perhaps the greatest factor in pushing you in the direction of going with the Danby could be the fact that it comes with a 2 year warranty on all parts and an extra 6 months (for 2.5 years total) on plastic parts. The Frigidaire only comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts and then an extended 2-5 year warranty on the sealed system (compressor and related parts) only. We also note here that the Danby has the better looking and better quality control panel. Its LED display is bright and clear and just looks to be more high quality than the Frigidaire’s display.

Portability (Weight)

The Danby DDR50A2GP weighs 39 lb, which is only 4.4 lb less than how much the DDR70A2GP’s weighs at 43.4 lb. This leads us into an important point. The Danby 50 and 70 pint units look almost identical. They are almost exactly the same size and here you can see that they’re almost the same weight. Thus, in deciding between the 50 and 70 pint don’t let weight or size be a factor in determining which unit you go with should you require a more portable unit. We rate the 50 and 70 pint Danby units the same as far as having slightly below average portability compared to other brands available in the same sizes but rate them the same as far as portability is concerned compared to each other.


The DDR50A2GP is the second least expensive 50 pint dehumidifier we tested, retailing for around $210. The Frigidaire was the least expensive 50 pint at about $195.

Final Thoughts

The Danby outperformed the Frigidaire in all four of our real world tests. It was more energy efficient, more quiet, removed moisture more quickly, and had a more accurate hygrometer than the Frigidaire. As we mentioned above when we summarized the Danby’s features, the Danby also outperforms the Frigidaire in several other categories. It has a greater set humidity range, includes a gravity drain hose, has a better control panel, etc. On the negative side, the Danby is substantially less portable than the Frigidaire and it also lacks a continuous mode which is included with the Frigidaire. Still, our own independent testing and comparison of each unit’s features indicates that the Danby might be the better choice, outside of the fact that it’s slightly more expensive, at around $210 compared to the Frigidaire’s (approx.) $195 price tag. In addition to a lower price, the Frigidaire also has a much more extensive track record online as being a reliable dehumidifier that won’t break down over time. We’ve yet to see whether the Danby can match the Frigidaire’s reliability. For more of our thoughts on comparing the Danby to the Frigidaire, see our 50 pint dehumidifier buying guide.


  1. nate says

    Have the exact same one. Less than 2 years it’s done. The fan propeller is made of PLASTIC and it’s broken in numerous spots and now make a horrible noise. After 6 months it started to get loud and not perform very well. Fins were cleaned numerous times, on for 8 hours per day it’s whole life.

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