1. George Crippen says

    I own a Keystone Dehumidifier model number SD52PE and have a troubleshooting code of E6. What does this code mean and is it worth getting repaired?

    • Admin says

      We recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly with this question. A customer service phone number should be listed in the manual that accompanied the dehumidifier when you bought it.

  2. carley says

    I just have a question about house size/dehumidifier capacity.
    I live in a yurt ( large insulated tent ) that is about 700 square feet, with a vaulted ceiling.

    I’m wondering if you could give me any advice on what size unit would be best suited for this space? Because of the nature of the building, it tends to be fairly humid.

    Thanks so much for your time. Your site has been fantastic. :)


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