1. RALPH CARTER says

    I question the effectiveness of packaged desiccant dehumidifiers used in clothes closets and similar closed spaces. These spaces are clearly air permeable. They leak around doors and possible through their walls. Outside humid air intrusion will be a continuing action. The desiccants will rapidly reach their saturation point and lose any possible effectiveness. I find the recommendation and advertising of these products misleading. In a hermetically sealed enclosure they would be expected to work.

    • Admin says

      Yes, humid air will leak through but not fast enough to make much of an impact. Small desiccants do work effectively in very small spaces like closets.

  2. george shaw says

    Our new house is on top of a cross space. The cross space is large. I myself are able to access it. I have a HISENSE UNIT. SERIAL# K-GG1YJ0580.
    I was going to place the unit in the cross space to dry it out. In the cross space is sealed with heavy plastic. Would it be advisable to use the unit for that purpose?

    Thank You

  3. Carolyne says

    I am so grateful to have found your site. We designed and had our small (1650 sq. ft.) home built just 10 years ago. There have been problems since the beginning of the second year with incorrect air conditioning installation resulting in mold in nearly every corner and ceiling in the house. The a/c duct work and the handler have all been replaced brand new TWICE!. Mold inspector/s have thoroughly tested the entire house for evidence and all had the same opinion … lots of mold everywhere behind gypsum walls and ceilings. Did not have the option to move out after the financial investment so have cleaned and tried everything reasonable recommended to us. Ceiling fans, return airs and light fixtures have mold accumulation and have to be cleaned very frequently.
    We should own stock in the DAMP RID company because we keep two hanging ones in every closet and several in the containers in each room. (They are dated when placed and very seldom do they go past 4-5 weeks without requiring new ones!
    The master bedroom, closet, bath and laundry on the north side; kitchen, living & dining in the center and the guest room, bath and office on the south. Just this week it was pointed out that we really needed to get a couple of dehumidifiers (one for each side of the house). Do we get two 50 pints or one 70 put just in the center?
    I’m sorry to be so “wordy” we just need to resolve the problem as best we can. The house cannot be leased or sold until the problem is completely eliminated.
    Thank you for your wonderful guide, but I still need more specific direction. Carolyne

  4. Adam R says

    Gravity drainage I am getting the bucket filling up same time as the drain to floor. IS this possibly caused by lack of fall or gravity?

  5. Elaine says

    We live in coastal Carolina. Our house is 3000 sq feet built with a crawl space. crawl space iis currently enclosed (previous owner did this) and the Advance dehumidifier just broke.
    What would you recommend to replace it? Someone said to get a unit with ducting….. very confusing.

  6. Brian Pellerin says

    I have two young children under 4yo and they love pushing buttons and shutting off the deep freeze etc. Do you recommend a dehumidifier with a “child proof” feature so they can’t shut off the unit? Or a wall mounted dehumidifier?

    Thank you for all your thorough reviews.

  7. Marianne says

    My 2000 sq ft house has an average humidity around 50-52%, but the large bathroom, small enclosed laundry room, and the large bedroom between the two have a higher humidity than the other side of the house, which negatively affects my chronic neurological condition.

    I don’t want to get the whole house so dry that it aggravates the children’s eczema so am concerned about overdoing it. I do want to reduce the humidity in the areas most affecting me, especially during peak activity times. As it stands now, if my spouse showers first, I can’t shower after without being affected. If I’m washing clothes, I can’t then be active enough to hang them to dry in the same space.

    Would I be doing better to use multiple smaller dehumidifiers than to use one big one? My spouse is interested in humidifiers that are installed in the ceiling’s vent fan (if I understand correctly, and I might not) but says they create heat, which also affects me. This has left me without any dehumidification for years. I don’t believe what I have is the best it can be so I’m trying to learn for myself. What are my options?

  8. George Crippen says

    I own a Keystone Dehumidifier model number SD52PE and have a troubleshooting code of E6. What does this code mean and is it worth getting repaired?

    • Admin says

      We recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly with this question. A customer service phone number should be listed in the manual that accompanied the dehumidifier when you bought it.

  9. carley says

    I just have a question about house size/dehumidifier capacity.
    I live in a yurt ( large insulated tent ) that is about 700 square feet, with a vaulted ceiling.

    I’m wondering if you could give me any advice on what size unit would be best suited for this space? Because of the nature of the building, it tends to be fairly humid.

    Thanks so much for your time. Your site has been fantastic. :)


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