Haier DE65EM Review



  • Humidistat can be adjusted in 2% increments (industry standard is 5%)
  • Unit is light and small for improved portability
  • Separate temperature display
  • Tied with 3 other units for most energy efficient in size class


  • Humidistat can only be set from 40% to 70% (industry standard is from at least 35%)
  • Unit could not maintain relative humidity of 40%
  • Unit rated average in our noise output tests on high fan speed and well below average on low fan speed
  • Highly inaccurate hygrometer
  • Durability of unit is questionable

Included With Your Purchase

  • Dehumidifier
  • Instruction manual

Quick Review Summary

The DE65EM is a 65 pint dehumidifier manufactured by the well-known Chinese manufacturer, Haier. This was the only large capacity unit we tested that wasn’t rated for 70 pints of moisture removal per day. Despite its slightly smaller capacity the Haier did very well in many of our real world tests, in many cases dramatically outperforming comparable 70 pint units. Due to its slightly smaller capacity it’s also one of the smallest, lightest and most portable large capacity units we tested. This unit also features superior adjustability and is very easy to use. Unfortunately, we encountered several negative aspects to this unit that makes us hesitate to recommend it. We cover these negative aspects in detail in our review below.

Note: In 2014 we reviewed ten different high capacity dehumidifiers. In the last several years we’ve reviewed many more. This particular review was written in 2014, thus all comparisons within this review were made comparing this dehumidifier to nine other high capacity dehumidifiers and the top rated high capacity dehumidifier at the time, the Frigidaire FAD704DWD. All new reviews compare all of the most recent dehumidifiers we’ve tested and reference the current top rated dehumidifier. Also note that this dehumidifier, while a 65 pint unit at the time of its release, would be an approx. 45 pint unit by today’s pints/day standards.

Performance Test Results

Energy Efficiency

The Haier DE65EM was one of the most energy efficient large capacity dehumidifiers we tested. It is only rated to remove 65 pints a day (vs 70 pints a day for all other units in this category) which gives it a slight advantage in this category. Still, it’s notable that this unit drew less power in our real world test (at 50% RH) at 590 watts than six other large capacity dehumidifiers that we tested.

At 690 watts, its manufacturer rated power draw is also less than all other large capacity dehumidifiers that we tested. Again, this can be attributed to its slightly smaller capacity; however, it’s still notable that this unit was as energy efficient as it was (this will become clearer when we discuss moisture removal rate later on in the review AD70GUSB).

As we note in other reviews, expect power usage closer to 690 watts for extremely humid environments (over 80% RH) and power draw closer to our measured 590 watts for more mildly humid environments (50-70% RH).

Noise Output

The Haier was the very definition of average in our control panel high fan speed and long distance high fan speed noise output tests where it was the 5th loudest out of the ten high capacity units that we tested in both tests. At low fan speed the Haier performed more poorly. It was 8th in the control panel test and dead last in the long distance test.

What conclusions can be made from this data? At high fan speed the Haier is not as quiet as the least quiet units and it’s also not as loud as the loudest units. At low fan speed the Haier was a poor performer. It was one of, if not the loudest large capacity unit at 10 feet.

Whether its poor performance on low fan speed should be a concern for you will depend on how you plan on using the dehumidifier. Many consumers will buy a dehumidifier and set it to low fan speed in mildly humid living spaces where they will actually be spending a lot of time. The Haier is a terrible choice if you plan on using it in this capacity. If you plan on using it in a basement or in any other area where noise output is not an issue or if you have a constant humidity problem that requires a high fan speed then the Haier is not a bad option as far as noise output is concerned.

Moisture Removal

The Haier’s performance in our moisture removal tests was very surprising. It was the top performer in the 70 pint class, outperforming all the 70 pint dehumidifiers we tested, taking less than 10 minutes to dehumidify a 50 sq ft room from 90% RH to 40% RH and less than 5 minutes to dehumidify the same room from 80% RH down to 50% RH.

These results do come with an important disclaimer, however. While other units would dehumidify our test room and keep the achieved humidity consistently low, the test room’s ambient air would reach ~40% humidity and then immediately increase in humidity after the unit cycled off when we tested the Haier.

This is most likely due to the unit’s limited set humidity range which we discuss above. We were able to set the desired humidity level to at least as low as 35% for all other large capacity units we tested. Thus, upon reaching 40% room humidity the compressor on these units would not cycle off (because the unit had not reached the desired humidity level yet). With the Haier, on the other hand, the compressor would cycle off upon the room reaching 40% humidity. The room’s humidity level then increased until the compressor cycled back on to once again dehumidify the room and lower the humidity level to the desired 40% RH.

So, while the Haier did dehumidify our test room the quickest, it failed to keep the room at the low set desired humidity level (40%). We still have to commend the unit’s outstanding performance in this category. It’s a notable achievement for this unit to have outperformed larger capacity units in these particular tests.

Hygrometer Accuracy

We found the Haier’s built-in hygrometer to measure room humidity within 5-6% of the actual room humidity. This lack of hygrometer accuracy further exacerbates the unit’s limited set humidity range as we discussed above.

Included Features, Functionality, Build Quality, Warranties, and Value

Durability (Build Quality)


The Haier’s water tank does not have a brace. We would feel completely comfortable, however, with carrying the filled tank to empty it. The plastic parts on the unit, including the water tank, at least appear to be solidly constructed, sufficiently rigid, and durable.

Consumer Feedback

This particular model has no consumer reviews as of the time of this writing. An earlier model, the Haier DE65EK received twelve 1 and 2 star reviews out of twenty two total reviews, a negative review rate of over 50%.

Brand Reputation

Haier is a well known Chinese manufacturer of everything from TVs to household appliances. The Haier brand really doesn’t have a negative reputation but it also has yet to have a solidly positive reputation for manufacturing quality products. Note that most of the units we tested are manufactured in China. What’s of note here is that Haier units are not only manufactured in China, but Haier is also a fully Chinese company.

Overall Category Score

The DE65EM has the appearance of a solidly constructed, durable dehumidifier. However, the overwhelmingly negative reviews for its previous iteration legitimately gives us pause and only allows us to give this unit a 2/5 for durability.



Definitely a major positive selling point for the Haier – this particular model is the only dehumidifier we tested (out of 19 units) with a humidistat that could be adjusted in smaller than 5% increments. The desired humidity level can be set in 2% increments for more precise control – a great feature and one we hope is more common in future iterations of the other dehumidifiers we tested.


The Haier’s timer can be set in one hour increments up to 24 hours. Many of the units we tested feature timers than can be set in half hour increments up to 10 hours and then one hour increments from 10 hours to 24 hours. Thus this Haier’s timer is slightly less adjustable than average.

Number of Fan Speeds

Another strong subcategory for the Haier – this particular model has a standard two fan speeds, high and low but also features a Smart Dry setting which compares the set humidity level with the actual humidity level and automatically adjusts the fan speed. While you can’t set the fan speed on this setting you can still adjust the desired humidity level.

For a detailed discussion of how this additional fan speed setting may or may not be useful see our discussion of this same topic in the corresponding section of our Whirlpool AD70GUSB review.

Extra Modes

The Haier DE65EM does not offer a continuous mode. We discuss the usefulness of this particular mode here. It does offer the aforementioned Smart Dry setting which is this model’s equivalent of an auto mode. Auto modes on other models (the Whirlpool, for example) will set the fan speed automatically and the desired humidity level automatically. The auto setting on this model (Smart Dry) is more limited as you still need to set the desired humidity level. Only the fan speed is automatically controlled.

Overall Category Score

The Haier has a slightly less adjustable timer than average. It also doesn’t offer a continuous mode or a fully automatic mode. However, these small negatives are completely overshadowed by the overwhelming positive in this category that is the humidistat adjustability. Being able to set the humidity level in 2% increments may not be reason alone to buy this unit over comparable dehumidifiers, but it’s definitely a great feature and makes the Haier stand out from the competition. Not surprisingly, we give the Haier a 5/5 for adjustability.


Set Humidity Range

As we discuss in the previous section, we love the fact that the Haier’s humidistat can be set in 2% increments. As much as we love the Haier’s superior adjustability we hate the fact that this model has a very limited set humidity range. The desired humidity can only be set to as low as 40% and as high as 70%. Compare this range to most other dehumidifiers in the same class that can be set to as low as 35% or even 30% and as high as 80-90%.

As we discuss in other reviews, the higher number in this range is really not much cause for concern. Rarely, will you want to set the desired humidity even as high as 70%. However, only being able to set the desired humidity level to 40% is a real problem for several reasons.

First, it’s likely that you may want to set the desired humidity level to as low as 40% (we recommend 40-60% for most living spaces). If the unit’s hygrometer is even slightly inaccurate and reads a humidity level that’s lower than the actual room humidity, you’ll never be able to achieve 40% humidity. Let’s say it reads the humidity to be 40% in the room when the actual room humidity is 44%. The unit will then cycle off at 44% actual RH. A comparable unit that can be set to 35% with an equally inaccurate hygrometer will achieve 39% humidity, 1% below the desired humidity level.

There are other reasons why you may want a less limited set humidity range. Maybe you require a really dry environment (under 40% RH). This Haier unit won’t be able to achieve such low humidity levels with such a limited set humidity range.

Operating Temperature

The manufacturer does not specify a recommended operating temperature range.

Gravity Drain

This particular model has a standard adapter for you to connect a garden hose to. Like all other dehumidifiers we tested it does allow you to drain the unit by gravity drainage. For more info on gravity drainage click here.

Built-in Pump

Not included.

Overall Category Score

The Haier’s limited set humidity range was a deal breaker for us. Only being able to set the desired humidity level to 40% severely limits the unit’s versatility. The Haier features a standard gravity drainage option but lacks a built-in pump. We give this unit a lackluster 2/5 for versatility, mostly because of its unnecessarily restricted set humidity range.

Extra Features

Temperature Display

The Haier features a separate LED display that shows the ambient air’s temperature. You can even toggle the display to show the temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.


The DE65EM does not have a defrost mode. You will have to keep an eye on the ambient air temperature and the dehumidifier’s efficiency. If you notice a decrease in efficiency (very little decrease in RH over a long period of time) you will need to manually shut off the unit until the temperature rises and any frost that may have accumulated on the unit’s evaporator coils has melted. You will then have to manually turn the unit back on for it to resume normal operation.

Check Filter Light

The Haier does have a check filter light that will turn on after a set number of hours of operation (usually 250 hours) to remind you to remove the filter, clean it, and replace it.

Overall Category Score

We really liked the inclusion of a separate LED temperature display on this unit. The check filter light is also a nice addition. The lack of a defrost mode definitely negatively impacts the Haier’s score in this category. We give it an average 3.5/5 for extra features.

Ease of Use

LED Display Clarity

The Haier’s LED display was bright and clear. We have no complaints.

Setup Difficulty

We found it easy to set the desired humidity level, fan speed, etc. on this unit.

Filter Removal Difficulty

The Haier has side slide-out filter access. You won’t have to remove the condensate collection bucket to access the filter like you do on most other large capacity units. As we mention in other reviews, however, filter access really isn’t important as you won’t need to remove, clean, and replace the filter often in most applications. If the unit is going to be operated in an area with heavily polluted air you’ll need to remove and clean the filter more often. If this is the case for you, being able to remove the filter more easily is a strong positive attribute.

Manual Clarity

This model’s manual was clear and accurate. Once again, we have no complaints to speak of.

Water Tank Size

Unknown. See why we couldn’t determine tank size here.

Overall Category Score

The Haier has a clear LED display, is easy to setup, has a clear accurate manual, and an easy to remove filter. We give it a perfect 5/5 for ease of use.


The Haier has a very basic design with no real noteworthy aesthetic features. The unit’s control panel is very basic. Its plastic parts are an off white color with a matted finish which we prefer over a gloss finish that is much more likely to attract dirt and dust particles. We give the DE65EM an average 3/5 for aesthetics.



The Haier DE65EM weighs 41 lb. This unit was the third lightest unit we tested in the 70 pint class. Two 70 pint units, the Keystone and the SPT were lighter, both weighing only 40 lb.


The DE65EM doesn’t have a top extendable handle. It does have two side pocket handles, like most of the other 70 pint units we tested. In most of our other 70 pint reviews we note that the lack of a top handle makes the said unit much less portable. This really is not as big of a problem with the Haier because the unit is smaller than all the other large sized dehumidifiers we tested. Because of its smaller size the side pocket handles actually work well when carrying this particular unit from one location to another.

Cord Storage

The Haier doesn’t offer any cord storage. As we mention in other reviews, cord storage is a really helpful feature when moving and storing your dehumidifier.

Quality of Casters

The Haier has average quality casters. We didn’t note them to be any better or worse quality than those casters on the other 70 pint units we tested. The unit was easy to move around on its casters on all tested surfaces, including hardwood and carpet.

Overall Category Score

The Haier was one of the lighter large sized dehumidifiers we tested. It’s also noticeably smaller, even compared to many of the 50 pint units we tested. The fact that it’s a smaller unit makes its lack of a top extendable handle less of a negative. It also positively impacts this unit’s overall portability score. Mostly due to its small size we give the Haier a near perfect 4.5/5 for portability. It would have definitely received a perfect score if not for the lack of cord storage.

Warranty (Manufacturer’s)

The Haier has what we consider to be an industry standard warranty – a full one year warranty and an additional four year warranty on the sealed system (compressor, condenser, etc.). If having a great warranty is important to you we suggest either the Danby or ArcticAire 70 pint units which both have a two year warranty on all parts versus only one year on this Haier unit.


The DE65EM can be had for an online street price of about $200. In store it will be a little bit more expensive at about $215. Either way, it is the second most inexpensive large capacity dehumidifier that we tested. Only the Keystone is normally less expensive at about $190.

Final Thoughts

Its lower price makes the Haier a very attractive unit. It’s slightly more expensive than the Keystone and slightly less expensive than the Frigidaire. Both the Keystone and the Frigidaire are recommend as good buys.

The DE65EM is smaller and more portable than most of the 70 pint units we tested. It’s highly adjustable – it’s the only unit we tested whose humidity can be set in more precise 2% increments. However, where the unit fails, it does so dramatically.

Here are the two primary reasons why we cannot recommend the Haier – an unnecessarily limited set humidity range and consumer reviews. We discussed this unit’s limited set humidity range at length in the corresponding section above. Additionally, the negative feedback received by the previous model of this unit is overwhelming in forcing us to not be able to recommend the DE65EM as a possibly buying option.


  1. Roy says

    I bought the DE653em-1. Lasted two summers. Compressor and fan turn on but no water extracted. Filters are clean and air flow is good. I will try to get back off if I can. I removed 5 screws but the back does not want to move.

  2. Monica S. Puls says

    I purchased this model 8yrs ago … it has ran non-stop, literally, since & has just now failed! While it is not quite, per-se, it is a basement device & therefore, not a concern. Trying to find the model again for the amazing low price I paid ($129apx) is impossible … it is the 2nd one I’ve had due to it’s durability & longevity … my other had lasted nearly as long.

  3. Johm says

    Don’t buy. If used in a low temperature ice forms on coils and will build up and also collect on filter making it impossible to remove filter. Using garden hose for continuous drainage results in water overfilling drip tray and results in puddles on floor.

  4. Jay Lim says

    at end of 2016, I bought three DE65EM and used 2 last year. The 2 performed perfectly last year. This year in June these 2 units reacted as follows: one just blows hot air and the other does not give a full bucket of water in a day. I opened the third unit and it is functioning perfectly, giving 3 to 4 buckets of water. What am I to do with the 2 bad units? Am I to expect that the 3rd new unit should fail next year?

  5. Michael Weeks says

    The Haier Model DE65EM I have stopped working.
    Did not remove any water from the air, and when turned off, cracked, popped and worried me that it might catch on fire. I unplugged it.

    I replaced it with a Frigidaire dehumidifier purchased yesterday from Best Buy. In less than 14 hours the full light came on and 70 points of
    water had been removed from the air in my lower level.

    The Haier after a week had removed only a cup full.

    Is this unit up for recall? I hope whoever has one will unplug it
    before it catches on fire….I feel like my Haier was very close based
    on the smell it emitted, popping noises it made and worries it caused me.

  6. Don Brady says

    After filter cleaning, drying, and replacement, “Check Filter” light will not go out. Also, unit is leaking. Bucket only fills to about 2″

  7. D Allen says

    I have a Haier model DM 32 EK-T id code is 6-88057 40154-6 the plastic handle for removing the bucket is broken and I would like to get a replacement if available.

    • Anonymous says

      my handle also broke, it is a bad designed handle and cannot withstand the weight of carrying with water even half full. I need to replace just the handle not the bucket. any help would be appreciated

  8. AL Perez says

    My Haier Model DE45EM-E (purchased 8/10/2015) runs but doesn’t remove any moisture from the room. I tried setting the humidity level (using the down arrow key) but it doesn’t seem to set the desired level of 60. The LED shows a room temperature of 72 and a room humidity level of 66 which constantly switched to 65 and then back again to 66.

    I tried running it on all speeds but it still doesn’t collect any water. I have also moved the unit around the basement to see if that would change the results – it didn’t.

    • Fred Gray says

      There is electricity to the unit. It acts as though it wants to turn on but nicks after a couple seconds. To me it could be condenser or the pump. Would the filter cause this condition. Where is the filter for removal?

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